December 28, 2013

Half truths don’t make whole truths

Change is a matter of two or more people.

We are taught the opposite: that change happens within, that it is entirely up to us. Once again, we have half the the equation. 

On the physical level, and looking around us, at the world, the people, the creations, we realize that two or more people are needed, for any change to take effect. A student and a teacher, a seeker and a mentor, a child and a parent, two lovers, brothers… a relationship, purely of the heart. It takes a connection, a gathering, a "coming together", that is based on Love; respect, devotion, commitment, acceptance and all those virtues that reveal and strengthen what we truly are.

Change, whether it is destructive or creative, always takes two or more to manifest physically, to materialize. That is where the confusion lies and that is where we “lose all battles”. We thought that we had to “work it out” with our self, find the wisdom within and that would be enough. It isn’t!

But, did I write it correctly?  "Change, whether it is destructive or creative, always takes two or more to manifest physically, to materialize"? Well, let's start off with a fact: if something is true, it has to be truth always and in every situation, or else it's a lie, which is what half truths are.

Let us explore the "negative" side first. If there is a suppressor, there has to be a suppressed. When there is a oppressor, there is also a victim. The one cannot exist without the other. It's easier to believe - as we have been conditioned to believe - that the world is based on injustice, but that just satisfies our guilt and lack of understanding beyond appearances. The one could not exist without the other. This is the "fabric" of physical life, within our current state of consciousness, within duality. As long as we are suppressing, rejecting and not understanding our dual selves, we will simply continue to express that which we have suppressed outwardly, not realizing the energetic connection between us, with everything that is!

On the "positive" side, the story unfolds seemingly differently, but with the same set of Laws intact. Being vibrationally connected with the whole "organism" of humanity, the planet and all the creatures within it, we accordingly create the other part of duality; the positive. By not fully understanding the one, we continue to misunderstand the other too. It always takes two halves to make a whole!

For this article, I am focusing mostly on the one half, the "positive side", which is equally misunderstood through belief structures and conditioned thinking process that we seldom doubt.

The whole "organism" functions as One. We have to start with that realization. Nothing is disconnected from anything, despite not being able to see with our physical eyes. Decades ago we couldn't see our bodies' cells either, but that didn't prevent them from being or from continuing to do what they do, despite our ignorance. Our physical body is always a good example to realize greater or higher truths.

In that sense, we also realize the corresponding truth applied accordingly. To manifest anything positive, uplifting and life-enhancing, we again need the connection, the coming together of two or more, for a common purpose. We are still not understanding this. We think we need to "go within", concentrate on ourselves and attend to our own "ascension" or "enlightenment", not worrying about others, not taking responsibility for others.This is a huge misunderstanding, another belief being spread in many variations, which keeps us distant, isolated or "connected" on the surface, but internally doubtful.

Don't believe me, just look around you... We each think that we "hold the one the one truth" and want to keep it for ourselves or persuade others of it.We form communities based on mutual belief structures but which have no effect beyond those boundaries, because they do not involve all. We are afraid to work with each other, fearing that "our work" will be taken away from us and we will not be financially or socially secure. We are afraid to trust because we don't really know what faith (versus belief) is. We keep to ourselves and feel threatened when someone doubts "our truth" and so on. But are we really changing society continuing to think in that way? Are we really creating the new? Do you see a new world rising or are you waiting for some "planetary ascension", some other "place" or "time" to really unwind and get active?

Individuality versus collective? That's just another perceived opposition which is kept intact through ignorance and lack of synthesis. Beliefs keep the opposites apart. But are we observing? Are we understanding beyond appearances? I could give you millions of examples, names, dates, structures and obstacles that stand in our way and pose as truths. This could take pages and pages of revealing the hidden under the visible. But no! We each have to exercise our own discretion, observing the obvious, through a very different way of thinking! We are using only a small portion of our brain/mind... I can't stress that enough!

The fact remains that any one person can either be destructive or creative. But neither good or bad can spread, neither can manifest on a collective level, if it is not supported and adopted on a collective level. Neither can affect the whole, unless "two or more come together for the same purpose". Subsequently, at some point, "personal change" does not matter in time because it is not enough.It is only half the equation!

We have confused the inner with the outer, we have accused the outer and misunderstood the inner. We have over-glorified the inner. We have distanced and isolated ourselves from the outer, thus losing sight of the essence of the inner... Paradoxes that seem like word-play but are much more than that!

We can do nothing alone.

We have neither the power of destruction nor creation alone. We need to co-exist, to come together for the same purpose, for anything (whether positive or negative) to take effect, to manifest.

We have been led to believe, by our own misunderstanding, that “we need to go within”, that “it’s ok to be alone” (something that many do not yet understand, through social conditioning). Many currently awakening people hold the "alone" banner high, as a sign of their spirituality. Yet, do we know how to connect, work together, strengthen one another, continuously feed a mutual vision, co-operate while also keeping our unique individuality, and our special, unique contribution to the whole? Big question, that I know/see/sense is not yet answered!

Nothing manifests, nothings spreads, unless it is shared through the heart. The more the faith, the more it spreads, the more it effects.That goes for both negative and positive. The "heart" is also something that is still misunderstood. Many think of the heart as the seat of love, positive choices and so on. But really, the "heart" is the seat of choice; we either choose fear or faith. We either contract or expand. We either destroy or we create. Both sides to the same coin. Neither good or bad, both reveal just where we are on a consciousness level.

Yes, we do need to "go within". But where and to do what? For what purpose? Another misconception is that the "inner" concerns "higher wisdom", "higher guidance"; our Higher Self. But it doesn't and it won't unless we are willing to unwind the reel of our mind from the outside (surface - ego) going in (where there is no end to expansion). There are no short-cuts and we cannot leave anything behind, un-researched, unidentified, misunderstood, separated (un-synthesized), disconnected.

We go inside, initially to accept and gather all our scattered pieces, which we see in others (as mirrors) and in all that we have accused in the world. I see many awakening people who are still caught in the trap of categorizing, rejecting, choosing "good or evil", "right or wrong", still caught in unanswered questions that they turn to beliefs in order to feel safe "knowing the truth".

And when we have done that, when we have seen, accepted, understood and unified our beliefs, needs, desires, fears, virtues, etc., we find that inner place, the fundamental basis on which to stand on, the ground that we feel safe on and that we can "fall back on", while we dare to continue our magnificent "walk" in life.

Then, and WITH that knowing, we externalize, we share, we reveal and also continuously change/create our selves. We connect with others for the purpose of creating. Because it is in sharing that we create, grow, change. No real collective change can be done with one man alone. Look at history, look at your own life, more focused on its meaning and invisible (to the physical eyes and surface mind) signs.

Linear time remains a confusion as does "what comes first, what comes after" and so on, unless we decide to do the "work", to go within our own mind, researching the ego "first", going way beyond it after understanding and accepting it. At the same "time", we continue to understand, through experience and hands on evidence, that we are connected with those who we share the same vision with, in practical ways that go way beyond belief and theoretical cliches.

We have been concentrating on half the equation, not realizing or appreciating the second half enough.


As I have said many times before, no article, book or seminar can reveal truth to you. No magnificent revelation can fit into any of these. Articles serve as sparks of incentives, triggers, which might "speak directly to your heart" and intuition, at any time that you are ready for your next step. 
Each of us has to do the personal work required to reveal Truth to our self. 
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