December 26, 2013

New Mothers

Mothers don’t seem to realize just how much they can do for their babies. Instead of searching outside themselves for a miracle or healing, they can realize that they are their own source for healing and nurturing their babies. There is still so much for us to learn, letting go of our conditioning and our way of thinking, which is outwardly focused.

Mothers and babies are totally connected, even though the umbilical cord has been cut. That manifestation is just on physical level, where truth hides and reality is distorted.Truth being that a baby is totally connected emotionally with its surroundings and the people - mainly the mother/nurturer -  who are closest to it, it "cries out" for support and wisdom that it needs.

It might be “Christmas” or the "holiday season" for the Western adult world that still needs to create virtual realities through belief. But for a crying or sick baby, a different reality is emerging, which needs to be realized by helping it adjust to the freshly-entered world of matter.

You can see truth in a baby’s eyes, which is beyond virtual, 3D reality. You can feel what IS, in a baby's calmness or anxiety accordingly. You can learn all that is important and essential by connecting to a baby who has chosen to come into this world of duality, not understanding the majestic contraction that has taken place within it, at this time.

We cannot connect with a baby (until about the age of two years) through words that it cannot understand. We cannot establish that deep essential bond through verbal thoughts that we are so used to entertaining our minds with and giving our attention to. Connection is through the Heart. The Heart doesn’t understand symbolization, verbal communication and wishful thinking. It doesn’t understand the mechanisms and the requirements of physical reality. The Heart beats on the deeper levels of existence, where truth cannot be hidden, distorted or brushed away.

A baby connects with our deep-felt emotions, whether it is phobia or faith. But don’t confuse faith with belief, they are not connected. And don't confuse fear with phobia, they are not the same. Your love is not intimidated by fear, nor can it be reduced by it. Fear is what gets you focused and productive on what it is you have to do. But faith is that which keeps the flame of connection lit, as circumstances take you where you are meant to go.

Modern teachings have named fear as the opposite of love, as they have placed death as the opposite to life. But neither love nor life have opposites, and yet so many believe without doubting....

Faith has no need of belief in specific realities and outcomes based on selfish needs that you have mapped out within your mind. Faith is bigger and wider than your egoic mind can imagine, as it is inclusive, based on Love. Faith is trusting without the need to know or control reality. It is remaining focused to the larger part of your Self that has no beginning and no end. It is the essence of your existence, which guides your path, regardless of fear or circumstance. It is the essence that keeps you humble and open to meet the unknown, while concentrating on all that connects, provides and nourishes. Don’t confuse faith with belief!

I have written about fear and phobia in the past and will do so again, seeing that these are still subjects of confusion. Yet, the most important thing is to doubt our own mind, our own ideas and realize the truth that is always present, as long as we passionately want to See. These all come to life and challenge our roles as mothers and nurturers. It is the age of balance and inner connection and we need to move gracefully through it, expressing who we really are. We are healers, nurturers, warriors, wise ones, child, all in one... and much more!

The most important and Self-fulfilling role is that of becoming a mother or raising a child, whoever you might be. It is the single most breath-taking reality, in which you simultaneously give the most and acquire the most, provided you can recognize the magnitude, you have learned to be in touch with your own Self. For that is the “place” that your new baby lives, that is the reality that your baby recognizes and connects with.

Teach your children well! These are the most important lessons that a baby can learn, and a child needs so that it will be strengthened, for the purpose of walking into society one day, fully Self-guided, Self-confident and Self-reliant.

Teach yourself to teach your baby! You have been blessed, as You have asked. Now is the time to do what is the most important task of all. Walk with your baby towards truth! Babies learn through their nurturers first!


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