December 26, 2013

When all you know is a lie...

and all that you are attempting to do (or be)
 is pointless!

This is a tough one, which most people don’t even want to think about, let alone take up the challenge to explore! And yet, it is a statement that will effectively focus your attention to questioning your beliefs, all your “concrete” virtual realities and set your mind free in order to start thinking for yourself and within your Self.

Each new day can be a magical revelation and exploration into the unknown, if we are brave enough to move beyond our beliefs and our conditioned way of thinking. And yet, the only state of being that could instantly free us, is the most feared and the least talked about!

When I tell my new students to doubt their mind but never themselves, they seem puzzled and totally lost, not recognizing the difference. Doubting the mind is a challenge that any seeker must do, in order to free him/herself from its torture. I am referring to the surface, thinking mind.
We have more ideas in our heads about a million things, than we can imagine. These ideas, most of them unconscious, make up our realities, rule our lives, carve our pathways, as we remain ignorant, searching for truth, mainly where it cannot be found.

But how many are willing to consciously recognize and doubt those ideas, feeling totally uncomfortable in the process, not having anything concrete to “fall back on”, when the surface mind craves for answers that it doesn’t have?

Here are some of those ideas for the courageous seekers out there…

Faith vs. Belief

Two different and non-connected states of being!

Belief is an outwardly focused state of being.

Faith is an inwardly focused state of being.

They seem opposites only to the surface (outwardly focused) mind/identity.

In faith, the need to know is released, thus permitting effortless, spontaneous knowing, beyond space, time and fragmented virtual realities.

In belief, the need to know in order to control, creates even more sophisticated virtual realities.

There is no way to reach that unique state of being of faith and knowing by simply naming belief as "faith" or by holding on to our conditioned way of thinking.

The path to faith is an "unorthodox" one, that passes through embracing fear, doubt and discomfort.

Would you dare to doubt your ideas and more importantly do you really know how? This is not a theoretical question that the intellect can answer. We “answer” in real life, in the moment, through the way we either react or respond to life. The difference is incomparable and totally up to us.

It all starts with self-observation, which eliminates any kind of criticism or categorization. It continues with the willingness to begin each day in total innocence, daring to doubt the known for the purpose of opening the door to the unknown, but not in the sense of the "unexpected", but rather of the "expected unknowable".

Confused? The whole issue is what do you do with that confusion. The easiest is to discard what you don't understand or pass-by that which the mind finds inconceivable....


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