January 26, 2014

Creating on purpose

This morning, after many amazing insights, through expanded awareness, I wrote these two little notes, which I think are useful to think about and take a step further, each of us within our own being.

The essence of Attention

Observation shows you where your attention goes.

First, you start to realize how much of a puppet you are to your beliefs, the opinions of others around you and your attachment to the past.

Then, as you begin to understand your own involvement and to re-evaluate consciously (all that you have previously accepted and stored unconsciously), you begin trying to manipulate that attention by exercising external practices (meditation, affirmations, goal planning, changing habits etc).

Through many trials and illusion based attempts to control your attention, you finally reach the stage of constant expanded state of awareness, which cannot be described or manipulated in any way, only experienced in each holy moment of conscious awareness, integrating both contraction and expansion.

The process needs to be taught through personal-based, step-by-step coaching. The "longer" way is to discover it yourself, through many trials and errors. 

We are creating our reality

There is one thing that you are doing that is absolutely and totally serving the system that you are creating without knowing it (while blaming others for it)…

While you are (easily) persuaded to “first ensure your survival”, by searching for jobs, money, housing, material and personal needs, and THEN tend to your spirit and the “philosophical aspect” of life, this can never happen and never does happen.

Truth is found in the paradox; only through understanding the mechanisms of your mind, of reality, can you ensure anything personal, while contributing to the whole.

Most of what exists as information around you (and is a projection of you) is serving the continuation of your inner schism.

The ego sees “survival” as separated from spirit and the whole self, which it does not acknowledge.

This is the “success” of the (mind) system so far, and we are all contributing to it, whether we know it or not ; either by taking responsibility or by deceiving ourselves through accepting countless misinformation and many surface-based practices strengthened by ignorance.

We are creating our reality with each "blink of an eye", which cannot be measured by linear time… but this little phrase goes a long way, and is greatly misunderstood, although we think we know. 

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