January 7, 2014

False teachings

They are teaching us to be frightened of our mind, to try to silence it instead of observe and learn from it, as we attempt to make meaning out of it. The greatest asset that we have, our mind, is to be silenced and put aside as we are not to trust it.

"Let go of your negative thoughts, resist being frightened, don’t pay attention to your limiting beliefs, replace all the negativity with positive feelings and thoughts". What a ruthless attempt and a war that can never be won!

A total reconstruction of the feminine to serve the ignorant and a total bypassing of the masculine to ensure lack of action, which would complete the circle and provide us with the self-reliance and the self-trust to take responsibility of all that we are individually and collectively creating.

Admittedly a magnificent hologram is being created, posing as the truth, which most don’t want uncovered. Old veils are being replaced by new ones, as tons of "teachers" teach a new way of slavery. The need to believe is so great, that followers are defending the new teachings, totally ignorant of the chains they are placing around their own minds.

And we cannot persuade the followers because truth is not as one-sided as they would have them believe. Are our words not strong enough? Is truth not strong enough? That is our challenge!

How do we de-construct this new construct that poses magnificently as “the only truth that exists”? How do we even begin to bring down the lies that are so well dressed with many truths? Little pieces of the puzzle still missing, many links not being linked, but that would change the whole scenery and would crush the hologram.

No, you are not supposed to hide or change your mind. You are meant to know it, explore it and build a healthy relationship with it because it is the gateway to your own Higher Knowledge. But most are still searching for seers, wise ones, carriers of knowledge way beyond their own Self. That is the whole purpose. Purpose fulfilled… for the time being! But linear time is flying by and we don't have the comfort or the choice of remaining silent.

And while you are busy emasculating your sacred masculine and over-worshiping the obscured feminine, you are being conned once again into submission, the very thing that you are trying so desperately to get out of or avoid. A paradox? Yes, one of the many that you are being conditioned, carefully and strategically conditioned, to accept and not question.

Because what you are trying to avoid is that which you should courageously face. And all that you have accepted is all that you should calmly doubt. Methodically, in humility but in total self-confidence of this necessity, which would totally free you and help you return to your Self.

Your mind is your greatest asset, always will be! You need to stop the war you have made with it, turning to others for truth, which you don’t want to see. For, you still don’t understand that all opposites serve, but only if you dare to explore them, by first accepting them as creations of the Spirit. You cannot merge what you convincingly keep apart.

I see it over and over again, in all private sessions, no matter who the person is. So much has been misunderstood and attempted in vain. It becomes nearly impossible to get out of the labyrinth that people have placed themselves in, by conducting war with their own self/mind. The new teachings have closed the doors of revelation, hiding the truth even more than before, through the assumptions and conclusions that arise after willingly accepting all that is being taught. People are afraid of their own mind!

You don’t need me or anyone else to reveal the truth to you. But you will continue to trust others, placing people on false pedestals, as long as you remain ignorant of the different functions of your own mind, the various levels of thought that exist simultaneously within you. You will continue to give power to false teachings, as long as you avoid DOING what needs to be done practically, within your own life, so that you would realize truth for yourself and establish a concrete bond with your own knowledge and wisdom.

The messenger is not the message that you need to realize. But messengers are still needed as long as the message is being obscured...

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