August 19, 2016

Follow your heart?

The ego is totally by-passed in decisions of the Spirit. 

When these “meetings” occur, whether with another person or with an important decision in life, which are quite rare, it’s the Spirit “walking in”, giving no choice to the ego.

That’s why, later on, it (the ego) can’t remember the specifics, it can’t “use” memory, it can’t break down and analyze. It’s a relationship/decision that transcends both heart and mind. You find yourself already "in it", before the linear mind has any chance of realizing it is so.

It can seem frightening because the ego cannot control it. It doesn’t have enough data to argue or analyze pros and cons. But nor can it “get out of it”. It really has no other choice but to submit. Although, something like this doesn't happen to the unprepared, the untrained, the non-ready...

Within these relationships/decisions the ego can continue to play its parts,at least for some time according to Self-realization, claiming control or a more refined attitude to “understand what's going on” but these choices are way beyond it.

That’s what it means to serve the Self. And there are stages there too.

The ego realizes that it has no real power over the Self/Spirit but doesn’t really want to give up the reigns yet, seeing so much of this divisive world (through memory and experience) and wanting to protect the heart and the body.

The heart and the body! That's right!

Emotional pain has an even greater significance/impact on the evolved/cultivated ego than physical pain, which it will endure, if/when it must. Ultimately, now, at this time and age, our actions and decisions are based on “protecting the heart” from fear, guilt, pain…. Whatever the ego thinks that it endangers it and the body/personality, which it is attached to.

Not negative, not bad, not wrong, but a concept to be realized to its fullest extent and known through self-experience.

So, “doing what your heart desires”, is not the ultimate of freedoms, not the ultimate answer, but just another step into dream-worlds….

When the Spirit "walks in", your heart opens up courageously and willingly; allows all emotions, all experiences to illuminate the being. But it's always a "long" way until we reach this stage/experience and learn from it, evolve through it and because of it!

Nothing previously can match it in any way, although ALL our experiences and stages are necessary and mind opening... It's the "sacred union" that words can't fully describe and images can't reproduce. 

I know that not even these words can most of the true, existing context is left out; changing, synthesizing, evolving every spec of the time/space reality of the linear mind.... The purpose is "only" to hint towards....

Each of us must use our own minds, words, experiences to reach beyond perception.

Xristiana Sophia

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