April 19, 2017

The Return

The return... We must return. From "the same" path that we entered.

The return will be quicker, much quicker. The climb up was long, hard, beautiful and agonizing. The return will be purely apocalyptic. There comes a time/realization that future and past are the same, can be known.

I recognize the pathways. I walked, climbed, crawled, jumped, paved them myself.

People have so many misconceptions about “menopause” (what a word!), “aging”, “life”, “youth”… Thus society celebrates and respects none...

What a journey! Our words can’t yet find correct descriptions.
As I am contracting, so I am expanding. As I am withdrawing from society, so am I relating, communicating with/for those who understand.

Pain is needed as everything else we have created on this plane.
To feel our bodies, the body of the Earth.
To understand it’s movements, communication codes.
To realize our roots on physical level.
To stop trying to escape or to grow rootless, ignorant and in fear.
To embrace our temporary existence as whole, purposeful and unique.
To conquer time, expand space through transcendence.

People think “transcendence” means “to leave behind”, to “get out of”. But its actually a merging, a uniting with no contradictions. An act of courage and humility together (or many moments of uniting them), until we master their simultaneous, parallel existence within us.

We begin to understand when we stop worshiping. When we begin to realize that everything is parallel-like connected, not hierarchy-like pre-established. 

The way back always seems different, even if it's "the same" road taken; if you've been observing, if you've been engaging. ONLY if you've been observing, really alive and awake!

We think/perceive that time is linear, that we get to point B from point A, that growth is a forward process and many, many more misconceptions. Each of which we must dissolve through experience; awakened experience!

Nothing of what we initially think, assume, believe, is correct or true. It's funny how the most visible and evident is non-comprehensible, not recognizable. But....that's the whole purpose of it all...

Did you think that lies would really be accepted, believed, adopted if they were presented as lies? Did you think that "the devil" would have such a grip on us if it presented itself as "the devil", as darkness, as evil? 

Every line or sentence can be entertained in the rational mind, giving rise to the ego through agreement or disagreement. Our real work begins beyond all this...
Behind the words
Through our deeper thoughts and emotions
In touch with our essence/spirit

It will be a joyous journey of return, as it has been a wondrous journey of maturity, growth, destruction, creation; everything that experience has offered the spirit, through awakening the conscious self. 

When death is transformed to change of attention, when moments become additions to wealth, when time is chosen and at the same time respected and cherished, we let go of clinging, of suffering...


Xristiana Sophia

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