May 7, 2017

An all-powerful defense mechanism

The mind is selective. 

That’s a fact, not a preference. 

It’s the fundamental quality of individuation; the very reason of space-time creation. 

Every organ in an orchestra makes up the orchestra and the music it produces. There is much more in this simplified statement…

The art of existence begins AFTER the conscious realization of this fact.

It is not comfortable to See because Seeing immediately changes the face of reality, alters the known, which you cannot continue to exist in because it evaporates, turns into something else, which you don’t acknowledge anymore. Familiarity dissolves!

And the selective, seduced mind will always seek out familiarity, comfort, security. That’s why it takes years and years to change, to realize, to See. Because your own fear-based survival mechanism always kicks in, to provide that comfortable space that you are used to and would call “home”, slowing down time as much as you need to, to give you the impression of stability, knowing, the stativity needed for the individuated experience.

It can’t be eradicated either by intellectualized logic/reasoning or by force. Your fear-based survival mechanism will ALWAYS kick in, with its all-powerful, all-competent, in its own unique (usually undetected) way, because quite simply (although not so easy to wrap your mind around), it IS YOU!

There is absolutely no power, no technique, no scam, no war, no reasoning persuasion or ritual that is more powerful or that can overthrow that which YOU are willing to keep; with or without your conscious knowledge, intent or consent.

It’s a breathtaking experiential realization! An awesome view of the fabricated veil!

This all-powerful. Individuated mechanism that holds time and space, could be eradicated in an instant (and is so); faster that the blink of an eye (I) IF YOU wanted it to! It's ONLY what we would call, "an inside job", but one that cannot be done alone. The paradox of all duality concepts...

But first, it will use every possible scheme, theory, trick, excuse, lie... you name it, to prolong the process, to hold the dream “a little longer”, to taste “one more” temptation, to – thus – push the boundaries of individuation even farther.

Why? Because the cycle kicks in… Because YOU want it to (even though you will surely state otherwise). Because temptation is tempting. Because beyond the defense-system there is destruction, disillusionment, non-participation in unconscious actions. Because there is aloneness, unmendable raptures to the dream, nowhere to call home or hide, escape to or be as comfortable as before. 
Not the “pretty picture” any so-called delivery theories promise…

Fear is your friend and ally! The new religions know what to accuse and demonize. The egoic truths thrive! 

The very emotion/state that is to be embraced; with courage, respect, humility and total discipline/devotion or it will destroy you. Either by illusing you even more, assuming that you “know”, that you have “found”, or by driving you crazy and causing you to lose you mind…at your own will and doing. Humanity’s history is full of every possible situation. 

Xristiana Sophia

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