May 10, 2017


So much to think about, to be creative, to help you!
But most of your thoughts are like trying to catch a falling star. They're so quick and so many. You blink and they're gone.

But you have been taught to "quieten your mind", to "stop your thoughts"...

If you're not familiar with and in tune with your own Mind, don't tell me what else you have mastered.

"Something to show". But what if what you have to show doesn't belong to this space-time? What if it cannot yet be seen, let alone be evaluated or categorized?

Intellectualized talk is easy. But the many mirrors of the dream make the eyes wander like lost children in a scary "fun-ride", like those that humanity invents to "entertain" children, in reality conjuring its own fears.

You must first respect your instincts. If you don't, they turn against you. But then, "respect" has degenerated into "follow" and "be consumed by".

So much has been religionized, which is actually so much simpler than the "civilized" mind has converted into something else.

Wanting to add to that which you already know is like adding icing on feces that you just don't want to see or be seen.

It is much easier to call in the boys with the white always has been....

How do you know that I exist here where you can see me? See what? My body? Touch me? Hear me? How do you know where I was five minutes before appearing in your reality or where I'll be five minutes after you take your eyes off me? Ask yourself seriously, without inserting an automated answer before finishing the question.

How do you know for sure what's real or in which year-age you are existing? How much of what you're thinking and feeling is hidden within you, never seeing the light of expression? 

How often do you feel alien in an unknown world that seems to be turning without you, until a few minutes later you get caught in its orbit, forgetting the thoughts, emotions and images that frighten you to seeming paralysis?


The realization, even for a split second is a totally frightening one. A fear, so deep, so huge that it penetrates through all layers of your being instantly, bringing to life all possible demons, hells and breathtaking dangers that make it impossible to bare. 

That's the place where beliefs, religions, virtual realities, time, space, dreams are created....

Xristiana Sophia

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