May 16, 2017


Happiness has very little to do with being happy or sad. It's not an emotional state, for emotions change, come and go, and all are welcome and accepted equally. 

"Happiness" is not even a correct word, for it belongs to the mind's concepts, fears, desires, beliefs, categorizations. Neither is "joy", "bliss" or any other word the correct one, for they each have their opposites, are already interpreted by the linear mind, excluding as much as they contain. The collective consciousness has yet to discover a term that best describes this much deeper state that virtual realities and the linear mind cannot reach.

It is a deep and wide state of unchangeable sense of purpose, inner peace, knowing, no matter what alters its surface, stirring everything purposefully and by consent. An expanded state where nothing is judged or condemned. Where nothing is fought or rejected.

It is a constant wonder, awe, honoring of everything you encounter/experience. 

A sense of "I wouldn't rather be somewhere else, with someone else, doing something else, no matter the events or emotions". A sense of knowing beyond the temporary not knowing/discovering/creating that is hard to describe but lived.

A continuous state of changing, learning, shifting while remaining, being whole.

Even in your darkest hours of not knowing, hurting, anticipating for clarity, there is still that very real and very true sense of purpose, no hidden fear that you dare not face in honesty and respect.

Everything you experience on a body/mind level is temporary but valuable, real but not final or closed, showing but not knowing.

When you can balance your various levels of existence, not with theories but with experiential knowing, naturally and effortlessly integrating them all in your everyday life, you cannot BUT have found "happiness". 

You no longer search for it but gladly move through its many levels learning, moving, transforming, discovering and becoming more and more the same: You!

It becomes a meaningful existence, no matter how small the action, where everything is observed and noted, giving new findings, information to all that is.

It is a deep recognition that nothing is random, nothing is wrong on this expanded level of existence, even if on a surface level you have to choose, sleep, eat or forget. All experiences become colors on a canvas, marvels of images, emotions, experiences in dreams that are very real. 

These colors will fade, images will somehow disappear, words will be forgotten, but the essence always remains, cannot be subtracted or made into something that it is not.

This "happiness" cannot be shared completely except with those who are experiencing it too. You can effect, help, offer but sharing is an equal state/relationship that the ego mind cannot control.

No matter how much we search for happiness, IT finds us, when we willingly take away all the obstacles,  when we transform our beliefs, when we let go of our attachments. Then it begins to fill us, nurture us, reveal its depths to us, where nothing and no one can shake it, threaten it, diminish it.

A paradox it seems but so is everything we have learned to accept as stable knowledge, in worlds of fantasy...

Xristiana Sophia

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