May 19, 2017

Mystical pathways

Linear thinking doesn’t have the same mechanisms, logic, understanding, as the deeper, non-limited higher mind. Words have also different vibrations on different levels of consciousness.

You have to want to access your deeper/higher mind. It doesn’t come “naturally”, neither is it “on display”, so that you may “chose from”. That wanting has to be a deep burning, a yearning like no other, which will aid you in passing the layers of linear mind, remain devoted through the trials and barriers and passionate enough to be disciplined and humble yet self-respecting through the process.

No one can be persuaded on this path of truth or forced to remain on it. The decisions are our own, which we make more often than we think, through many layers of conscious and unconscious thinking, that go undetected.

The process cannot be controlled, manipulated with or mapped beforehand. It is a gradual opening/surfacing/understanding that cannot be timed or put in generalized concepts, steps or levels. On the contrary, it is a process that trans-passes the linear mind’s reasoning, often threatening its control and knowing. More often than not, its perceived knowledge will be proved limiting and opinionated, short-lived, based on imposing or comfortable beliefs.

The shell will not be shattered before its time, nor from the outside. The “outside” is also (and mainly) the ego, within its many mirrors.

To be birthed (awakened) you must be able to hold the energy. Too often, it is made to sound easy or a matter of acquiring the correct information, which you can read, learn and repeat.

But you have to ask yourself:

- why do I forget so much of what I have read, so often?

- why do I fall back on old habits if I have the right information/insights?

- why am I not really finding/changing, even though I’ve been at this for so many years?

Truth often seems contradicting and not as stable as you would think it should be. The pain of the opposites rippling apart is very real and physically/emotionally/mentally felt. No linear reasoning can heal. But it does comfort for a while and segmentally. That is how we “buy” (create) time, take other turnings/paths, which we must, to exclude the dead-ends, the seeming deliveries.

The fact that you are here reading this, is already altering the code within you, planting a new seed, which you can neither see, force or manipulate. But it's all according to your own Will.

You are both much nearer and much further than you think or can imagine. What the ego fears most is that it (you) cannot know the very next second, the very next decision, for it does not/can not have all the information. Nevertheless, it will assume that it DOES have it and that it is in control. And you WILL follow it, believe it, for you are hypnotized by it; a mere (but essential, unique and important) part of You.

For we have become arrogant in our words. We can speak of “higher mind”, “oversoul”, “god” or the like but we are oblivious as to the lesser gods we have placed on thrones. Neither our words nor our level of perception can reach such levels while clinging on to the physical, deluded by our deep, subconscious needs, passions and attachments, misguided by our own projections of saviors, truths, stations that we call “home” but are far from it.

It’s actually a far more multi-leveled maze than the linear mind can perceive. There are many more partial truths posing as wholes than we would like to admit or imagine. And yet, Truth is always much nearer and more profoundly evident than we assume it to be. 

It’s almost hilarious if it weren’t felt as tragic. But it’s what makes the journey magical, unique for each of us, so difficult to follow/walk on/undertake, yet also so revealing, like nothing we have ever done before/knew.

And I would go on and on, for there are no words enough to precisely describe, no amount of reasoning that can alter Your decision or change Your path or show you the mystical pathways, unless and until you commit yourself to it as opposed to flirting with it. 

The most common habit and first test, is to attempt to know what it is all about while looking from the outside in. This also includes judging without knowing, therefore easily rejecting or over-passing.

And it is all correct and accepted, for it is our own will. There are no wrong decisions...

The one and only deeper, undying, non-logical yearning must be realized, must be present or the doors remain shut and your opinion is what matters the most. It must be respected. 

Xristiana Sophia

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