July 18, 2017

No Identity

The matrix wants you to sink in negativity, pity, Self-doubt (not the same as self-doubt). 
Words don't form easily anymore, when you begin to decode its secrets. They have all already been used to code the reality you have adopted.

It feels like you're sinking in time, blackness, exhaustion, anger, disgust, hatred; it's all there, no matter how much you attempt to hide or control it.

You first have to recognize where you are. You can't pretend not to be there.

It can always go lower, deeper. Because it can always go a lot higher. Why have we believed that it can't? That there is a "bottom" that we touch? A childish belief that we need to cling to.
When you log on, you must remember that you're entering the code.
When you forget, you become its supporter and defender.
No pay needed. It's free.
You pay with your essence, your energy.
Paid in full!
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