March 1, 2014

Raising consciously aware children

Teaching a child to think for herself is probably the hardest thing to do and the hardest lesson for her to learn. Raising children who can’t think for themselves is so much easier and less work.

But what does it mean to “think for yourself”? Does it mean to have your own opinion? No, we have much too many of those and people still don’t think for themselves. Does it mean to choose your own beliefs, interests, likes and dislikes? Still no! All this, only creates more wars, more greed and more injustice.

We must take note that a child is born in a world where the ego conquers and self-righteousness is the invisible law. The whole system around her, right from day one, points to all that she wants/needs/likes/demands. With no need of verbal explanation, she learns to focus on all that, which is outside of her and gives her the illusion of fulfillment and content. But that is not the case of course.

She quickly caches on to the reality, instinctively, that nothing is ever enough, so she continues to want more and more and still more, to satisfy her – now – own greed. She is methodically guided, through examples around her, to focus on her needs, her ego, her wishes and desires. She automatically stops observing, something she knew how to do before entering the world of illusion and especially verbal communication. She surfaces more and more until she too thinks and acts out of her own ego; self-centeredness established! Now, still a tiny person, she grasps the “name of the game”: it’s all about me! And there you have it; another little selfish Man created. Her point of focus is on “what do I need/want/think/believe/desire to get.

Giving, offering, creating, comes second – actually falls way behind – and is only used as a means to a purpose; to get/receive/acquire.

These are the people we are unconsciously creating, still on a large scale. We don’t have time to stop to think. We ourselves are running around, too busy to take any notice, too absorbed in “our” own needs/desires/goals to notice anything or anyone else.

To reverse all this is a mighty task that seems impossible and also frightening in a world that seems to evolve around ego, insecurity, injustice and controversy/wars. Yet, that is our only hope, that is all we have, that is our only way out of this crazy merry-go-round leading to nowhere and self-destruction. Unless our thinking slows down, our lives cannot.

And it all goes back to simplicity, to re-thinking consciously, to first concentrating on your life, your child, your own thinking and all of your makings.

I don’t want my child to do what I tell her to do because “I said so”, implying that she’s too young or too stupid to think for herself. I want her to do what is right and respectable and loving to do, even when I’m not around, even when nobody’s watching, even when she doesn’t seem to “get anything out of it”, which of course is a lie, easily upturned.

Therefore, she needs to keep remembering to observe, like she did as a baby, as a small child. She needs to continue using her senses and her intuition to guide her actions. She needs to block out the noise and the temptations around her to sense truth and justice, untouched by illusion. But I need to show her by example because the easily-formed unconscious models are piling around her, eager to grab her power and turn her into "one of them".

Temptation will be something she will be facing all her life. Acquiring, possessing, achieving, self-exposure cannot be a purpose on their own. Can I prove this to her logically? Can I show her truth despite appearances? Sure I can, provided I can think for myself too, provided I can observe and have returned to my senses first.

Look around you, remember to observe. Are people happy, the more they have? Are people happy by concentrating only on what they want? Are people creating paradise on Earth by concentrating on possession? Are we really achieving/becoming civilized/creating abundance and truth in all areas?

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