March 22, 2014

Imagery and Illusions

Sometimes the linear mind does not understand and I realize that some of my articles seem "difficult" and vague. I used to run away from similar articles in the past. Now I have a better understanding of how the brain/mind works, and I realize that freedom of thought has to be an inner choice, not an imposed illusion. I also realize my responsibility in providing false images and false truths instead of pathways to our own inner wisdom.

It’s discernment and not escape from temptation that makes us balanced and centered.

Most people don’t see the “real face” of their spiritual teachers (the same goes for other important people in their lives that they follow, worship or want to be like) and so they too remain torn inside, trying to hide their dark side, continuously self-criticizing and self doubting. But "seeing" is not exposing others; it is cultivating our own inner sight, through learning to trust and depend on our Selves.

Once again, we are stuck in our rational, partial, surface mind, thinking that we know, secretly doubting who we are each moment.

Much of the work being done today is based on imagery, re-programming the mind and accepting others’ truths, thinking that we are discovering ourselves. We surely don’t need any more “new” images or any new concepts to free our minds and expand our consciousness. We need to gracefully and surely return to ourselves and gather the pieces that we are separating, rejecting, without actually knowing.

It takes courage to de-program, to let go of all imagery and return to a place of innocence, purity and freedom of illusions posing as truth. Most of us don't know how to exist in this total freedom, which is accompanied by responsibility. Turning to imagery and re-programming seems the easier thing to do, until we discover that no matter how appealing these images and concepts are, they cannot fill our hearts and do not free our minds.

But how do you let go of something that you don't know exists within you and how do you acknowledge that which you "have sworn" to hide? Some of these questions torment the ego so much that it will simply not ask them. Yet it is through inquiry that we change our vibrational frequencies and it is in freeing ourselves from all kinds of illusions that we meet our own Self. 

How can you subtract the "I", when it is the "Eye" through which the Spirit sees?
Though confusing the large "I" with the little "I" is a totally different state of being. And the confusion is still earning time and money (forms of energy) on a large scale...

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