March 14, 2014

Second Vision

A dyslexic has a second vision, a second point of reference, second sight.
But only those who are willing to remember, to acknowledge and to learn all over again, will be able to use and appreciate this gift.

When we drop the label, we will be able to know the truth that we have been hiding from ourselves (and others).

Then we will know that we all possess the gift, we can all use that which remains idle within us. Then, we will change all that we thought we knew.

A dyslexic “plays” with words, seemingly being ignorant of them and the language of symbols. The fact is that he intuitively feels their hidden meaning, although he is not taught how to recall, that which he knows, from his own mind.

Language, as is taught and understood remains on the surface of its true wisdom, keeping the world in ignorance and distortion.

Because, when we speak of “dyslexia” we are really referring to the right hemisphere of the brain, which we still collectively do not know – although we think we do.

Many theories have been written, many “scientific findings” pave the way of our prevailing ignorance. The truth is hidden, where the left-brain cannot reach for it, for it needs the collaboration of the right brain to prove and justify its findings.

Yet, only this inner sight can lead us to connecting the dots, to unifying the parts, to communicating beyond languages, to creating a whole new world...

It doesn't matter what we call it. That which matters is that we have it, know it, experience it and share it. Then, we might find other words or use the same... it won't matter...

Beliefs are not the end of the road but the beginning of an opening to a whole new world... a united world!

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