March 16, 2014

Invisible Creation

No matter what you did or what you understood about what you did, your energy belongs to you and should not be left, as prey, to the outside (matrix) world.

Let’s go deeper…

The waiter at the cafeteria had a very negative, “pushing away” energy. The whole place was “cold” and “distant”. That is what you need to recognize and not "why". The left brain loses a lot of energy trying to figure out the "why" of a situation. Was it me, was it something I said? Should we have gone somewhere else? I demand respect and a good service, etc etc. Lost in self-importance, the ego misses the essence, the hidden reality that is beneath all that.

Only one who has traveled "far and wide" within himself, will realize the unseen reality, will see the pain of the isolated worlds and will have the power to extend compassion as well as his own loving field.

You need to recognize all that, amongst the illusions and the confusion of the apparent reality. You need to move yourself away from the illusive energy, leaving warmth and positive energy behind you, for others to find. Not in fear, not in rejection or superiority but in acceptance, in realization of the truth beneath the reversed pretenses.

That takes time and work inside and should not be underestimated. That is creation in motion! That is the movement of energy, at Your Will, consciously and effortlessly. That should be your work, constantly, no matter what you decide to do on the outside. You can leave or you can stay. Even if you decide to stay, you can sit there, in a different vibrational field, had you taken the "time" to do that.

Inner creation is spontaneous. It doesn’t take the "time" that the left brain thinks it does. But it IS based on clear, assertive/confident intention, which you have to recognize, crystal clear, within you... Something that cannot be done if you are not present, as a trained, unattached observer.

That is how you engage in the world but do not lose yourself. That is how you give without losing anything. On the contrary; you gain a lot more.

Much constant work has to be done within, as you step lightly in your path into the world, leaving a glowing, loving trail behind you. It is the "work" that many are not prepared to do, on a daily basis, out of fear of meeting their own limited, negative, cold parts of self...

No one can see that which you silently do or give; no one knows. There is no applause, no apparent recognition, no immediate or verbalized gratitude or gifts to be earned. But in “feeding” your Spirit, you silently and confidently give to All. Again, not to gain, not for the reward, but because you recognize and follow truth, because that is who you want to be.

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