March 18, 2014

Through the whole mind...

... even the word "whole" is an imposition.

I seem to be “out of time and out of space” this morning. It’s a weird but familiar feeling. I have grown to accept it and pay attention to it, while “teaching myself” to simultaneously exist within the time-frame of my physical existence. Sound familiar?

If only more of us didn’t limit our minds so much and welcomed our expanded state of consciousness. For many, this remains a theory, which they pack with lots of taught practices that have really nothing to do with what I am talking about.

It’s actually very practical and “down-to-earth” living, using the amazing abilities of your mind.

We each have all the qualities and all possibilities, existing within us. We choose to bring forth and cultivate a few that will aid and will “fit in” with the whole of the evolution of the planet, the galaxy and perhaps the whole universe. Can you even begin to comprehend that as a reality and not just a verbal thought?

How vast is our mind that it cannot be held captive – or totally brought forward – in the flesh!

Everything that has an opposite must be brought into balance. Conscious, expanded creation begins to happen after the complete balance of opposites, within and without.

“Enough” is word the New Age mambo-jumbo has taught us to fear and oppose. We have trusted the past teachings and rejected, based on belief. But “enough” is a word of balance that one has to experiment with, discover and value, both in humility and boldness of choice and action.

What is “enough”?

We each have our inner “code of honor” that cannot be surfaced, until we deal with our issues, satisfy our inner needs, move beyond our lower instincts (by integrating them) and accept the continuous wonder of continuously changing life.

You need “two points of attention” and an open, whole mind to realize life each moment. That’s why we have a brain, which evolves. It translates, decodes and transmits, vast “banks” of knowledge, each nano of a second. We often think in terms of "past lives" but what it actually is, is another timeline frame; in practice not in theory, in reality not as a hypothesis.

You can be here and simultaneously not here but sometime, somewhere else. You are sitting on the chair, and also, traveling around the world and in other worlds, extending time and space to no boundaries, backwards and forwards. At a chosen moment in time, you return within your body and your current focus of perception, to continue nurturing this body and this life, this reality, the best way you know how, based on the insights, the knowledge, the clearing that you have received. 

How much are we ignorant of that we pretend to know?

You think you see a tree and you assume to see a leaf on a tree. But that’s as far as your perception goes, IF you are not too focused on this one life, one body, one reality, to be able to see the leaf at all! But beneath all this, within this tiny leaf, is a whole new world, a whole reality, which is totally ignorant to you, as it is happening.

Does all this have anything to do with you? Of course it has. It’s the way you create diseases, it’s the way you wonder about the meaning of life, the way you create your emotions and the quality of your whole existence. But can you honestly, practically connect the two?

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