March 3, 2014

Why can't we see the obvious?

It doesn’t matter how many of us come up with new ideas, new ways to free ourselves from bondage, misery and lack. We need to work together. We need to share what we each have, being willing to include within our space of knowledge, all the little pieces of the puzzle; others, who will make the whole.

It doesn’t matter who we are or what we have accomplished. The reality remains that there is not one person, who has the whole Truth, the One solution, the One way. As long as we are believing this can be so, we are depriving ourselves and all others of what might be, all that can be, all that we can reach.

I am certain of this now, more than ever before. And yet, the most obvious is the best hidden. How can this be? How can we not have reached this conclusion before? Why is it still so denounced, unaccepted, ridiculed or simply just not realized? How can we still possibly think that there can be one leader, one wise one, one truth, which can exist isolated here on Earth?

It still puzzles me how the obvious can still be so misleading, so kept well-kept from our awareness.

I meet people every day who have so much to offer, who have accomplished a lot, who know much about certain or many things. And always, at the end of the day, I am disappointed of their reluctancy to share, to connect and to “team up” with others. Will-meaning people but who are afraid to open up to others, to really listen and see, without per-supposed ideas of their own viewpoint. Eager to prove you wrong so that they can stand out. Are we racing each other? To where? For what purpose?

Many have pieces of knowledge here and there. All of this is essential, beneficial and necessary, only if placed together, if it all merges with others’ gifts; more pieces of the missing puzzle. Evidence is profound; throughout history we can logically reach this conclusion, without even needing to study piles of books or get any academic degrees to do this. Just by using our common sense and by returning to the inherent wisdom within each of us.

But "New Age philosophy" and the "newly awakened ones" have - I believe - non-intentionally - twisted this so much, that words have yet to be decoded, deprogrammed and re-evaluated to their true meaning.

History is evident in every aspect of today, in all areas of life, in all that we can see, feel, touch and know  today. The past and future meet in the present moment, if only we have eyes to see.

Why do we still keep to ourselves? Why do we hold defenses and deprive ourselves and others of so much more that we can be and do?

I don't want any more cliché answers. I don’t want any more well known repetitions that leave us where we were before. I want serious thought; I want new, authentic thinking…

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