March 13, 2014

Seeing the abundance

Remembering, recalling, synthesizing, gaining perception requires and draws up a lot of energy.

For one, most people don’t have the “time” to do this, running around to meet their goals.Secondly, many people don’t have the required energy for this “task”. Admittedly, it requires large amounts of energy.

The expansion of inner vision, leaves you tired, like you have been running a marathon or something like that, relieved, a little wiser, sad, and also humbly grateful for all that you have seen.

 There are times when we extend ourselves outwards and then there are also times when we extend ourselves within, seemingly idle, to our linear perception but far from the truth.

Seeing, widening our perception does not automatically imply integrating, knowing and having achieved. Being granted inner sight is the first act of becoming conscious but it is by far the last. Acquiring inner vision comes with a great responsibility, which is felt on all levels of existence; psychological, physical, mental and spiritual.

For then, you need to bring it all “back” to your current reality and make use of that which, at first, seems irrelevant and “out of touch” with the present moment and your current affairs.


I see the yellow from the pine trees flying all over the place this morning, being carried on the wind. No matter what we have to say about it, it spreads all over, covering everything in yellow, changing the scenery completely.

Abundance is the cause and the effect, the beginning and the end. There is never anything else. What good is it to wish for abundance, when it is already all that there is? What else but our ignorance calls on for abundance, when it has no opposite?

We are trained not to understand. We see opposites where they don’t exist. We have written – unconsciously – our very own inner dictionary, through which we explain appearances, judging the reality of life. But it’s all make-believe.

And we have a right hemisphere that is either accused, ignored or totally misunderstood. There, lie many of the secrets of our Self, which are coded, until we are ready and willing to decode them.

Random thoughts this morning? Maybe… maybe not…

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