March 19, 2014

Our roles with children

We tend to separate the roles, assuming that we can.
We do so because most of us don't recognize these roles within ourselves.

We do so because the mechanism of our thinking (left brain based) is totally isolated, distracted and disoriented.
Inevitably; through education, both within and without schools.

Yet different and often seemingly contradictory roles need to be equally present in child-raising. Friend, warrior, nurturer, coach, feminine, masculine, wise elder, healer, leader, follower, learner, adventurer, artist, etc, etc... Archetypes or roles, call them what you will. It's not the name that matters. It's the substance, which needs to be revealed in practice, where theories, rules and partial perceptions weave the reality of your learning ground.

Most of us remain confused as to what or when we should be. Wondering whether we are doing the right thing or whether we are enough, we spend our valuable time with the children, either as teachers, or friends or parents but seldom as all, all of the time!

I know, you're expecting an analysis of the roles, a clear-cut guideline and ready-made answers to make myself understood and give you a solid ground on which to walk on. But that has never been my purpose. My only purpose is to start you thinking creatively (out of the box), to doubt your hidden dogma, to threaten your powerful ego and to shake you off your comfort zone.

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