March 8, 2014

The connection of meditation and conscious observation

If you come to the conclusion that nothing matters, you also have to conclude that everything matters. They are both sides to the same coin. 
Moreover, they have to remain mutually apparent; you need to remember both at the same time. Only then, can you make a sincere and creative decision.

If either one is absent in your thinking, you make hasty decisions, you create drama and/or you limit your perception.

“Nothing matters” comes from an expanded viewpoint of realization that includes much more than the focused mind can provide. But you cannot intellectualize this. It has to come from experience.

“Everything matters” (therefore), comes from a contracted point of view that provides new meaning to the moment, as the heart authentically chooses and the mind accomplishes.

I have realized that all our problems derive from not knowing how to put all our theories into experience. We think too much, we intellectualize, analyze, hypothesize but we don’t live in wisdom.

Wisdom comes from connecting the mind and heart in a joint journey of conscious thought and conscious experience, “dancing” together the dance of life.

It all starts with knowing/learning how to observe consciously… or in other words, how to meditate each and every moment of our life. As long as “meditation” is a separated task from our everyday living moments, it’s another attempt to avoid our self.

By learning to observe consciously and unattached, we achieve more than we have ever imagined possible.

We automatically cultivate our memory and are able to “hold” a lot more data.
We are able to retrieve that which we need in the moment, more easily and truthfully. 
We enhance our intuition greatly, not confusing it with our (lower) instincts. 
We understand symbols as we are able to decode life, which is entirely symbolic and totally meaningful in every aspect. 
We connect with our soul/the dream world (our dreams)/other dimensions, without the need of intermediaries. 
We uncover the “hidden” mysteries of life, the hidden meaning of words and we understand the concept of time.

We never learn all this in any school either before, during or after our school years. Most schools of thought of today are either only intellectual or incomplete/partial in their teachings and methods.

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