March 11, 2014

Lost in perception

What does it mean to express that which you are?

It means to dare to give out (share with others) the reality that has formed within you, in the moment.

Through sharing, exposing or rather expressing, more information comes within the initial view. Even contradiction serves the clearance and a new united form emerges, with the participation of the many, as individual contribution.

So expressing or daring to bring out that which you are in the moment, does not imply a fixed, unchanged position but rather a clear image that is revealed (only) to you, which is waiting to expand, through communication.

I think that no one has the “full picture”, no one holds the “whole” in their hands, no matter how wise or knowledgeable. We each have to contribute to forming it.

The challenge remains; will we dare to express, share, while remaining willing to change our initial, partial  view, contributing to the whole?

No Man is an island but then, we are each unique pieces of the whole, grand reality of creation, which happens within us and not regardless of us…

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