March 15, 2014

Portrait of a slave

This slave worked hard but went by completely unnoticed. H didn’t have a name or a face. He "didn’t exist" no matter how much he did. Nothing was ever good enough... or enough!

His secret dream was that one day he would be noticed and taken/picked out of the anonymous crowd to be freed, delivered from all the hardships and the piercing pain of worthlessness, of non-existence, of non-individuality.

But, he chose to be born again, a slave in a “free” and ”abundant” society. To go through all the hardships again, only to realize that, all he has been always searching for, is right here. He, this slave, is the main one who helped YOU to wake up from this sleep!

He knew how to work endlessly without rest.
He knew how to get by with very little, to trust when he didn’t have anything.
He was used to getting up when he fell, to accept pain and turn it into strength.
He also somehow realized that he had to fight for other slaves.
And he waited. He understood patience, faith, generosity, kindness, compassion. He waited for that one recognition that mattered; that one sacred day when he would be seen, appreciated, delivered.

That day came! And YOU are the deliverer. YOU know his life better than anyone else. They were YOUR lives.

You kneel down before him and thank him for his perseverance, his strength, his endurance, his faith. He held on until you could see, until at last you met. You wouldn’t have been able to awaken if it weren’t for him. You wouldn’t understand much about this reality of life if it weren’t for him.

And then, a whole new world opens before you! Another life is boldly revealed to you, as this life is ascended through uniting with your awakening…

There is nothing to be ashamed of or avoid. All that you need to reveal and admit is unto your own Self.

The slave must be “born again” to be consciously delivered by YOU.

The slave is now a king, as you finally hold hands and walk as one. It’s been a long journey but the separation has ended. There is much to be said, with no words, but deeper, truthful commune. You will now recognize him sitting here beside you, whispering moments/memories of life that he has lived alone, in isolation of you.

You don’t need to be afraid of forgetting again, of getting comfortable and not appreciating, not recognizing, not sharing, not giving.

It doesn’t matter whether anyone understands. What matters is that YOU understand and re-unite with your self. You shall never be poor again as you have recognized/seen your self.

The images that the system provides us with are distorted and misleading. A slave doesn’t have to be in chains. In fact, most times he is not. A slave is invisible. He is one who doesn’t have a name, a face, a voice, a space of his own.

These people you can see around you, are not slaves, they are asleep. They don’t even know that they are slaves. They don’t even know the difference between a slave and an individual. He does... he somehow knew back then too...

The opposite of “slave” is not a “free man”. Freedom is state of being. You accomplish it whether you have or whether you have not, whether you are in prison or on a throne.

Free men are only the awakened ones. Freedom is not based on material or physical acquisitions.

We are captive/restricted by our unknown parts, by our distorted mind, not by our temporary social restrictions or freedoms. That’s why money doesn’t matter… status, possessions… none of that matters! Whether we have or we haven’t, we are still slaves to our lack of awareness.

"Slave" is a title. "Asleep" is a state of being opposite "awakening" = being free within unity, integration.

He sees individuality; the rose not flowers, the Man not people... He has the scars and the wisdom, the kindness and the generosity. He knows hard work, obligation, joy, simplicity, he knows wisdom and true humility...

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