September 6, 2017

A life worth living; grateful!

You can know something, when it doesn’t matter anymore…

Each day is a beginning and an ending, with so many beginnings and endings in between, that the “final curtain” doesn’t matter.

What we don’t embrace continues to haunt us.

What we deny persists.

What we accept and understand grows.

Life calls for deliverance of accusation, perhaps the ultimate exit from the matrices, so that we can exist within them lightly, expressing in wisdom.

Humility is a place of courage and strength turned to martyrdom, through limited perception, to preserve victim-hood.

Dreams of injustice, violence, self-pity, for as long as we chose.

Being in love without belonging, without giving up who we are, without forgetting.

Passionate and at peace.

Knowing and discovering.

Growing and returning.

Seeing and transcending.

Connecting, nurturing, freeing, allowing, creating.

Always prepared and fighting that “last battle”.

A continuous resurrection; synthesis of the parts, awakening through the ashes, re-writing the code.

All my ancestors and descendants exist within me.

Love is what you “fall into”, exist within, when you let go of everything that you don’t need.

Wisdom is putting one foot in front of the other while keeping your wings.

Knowledge is the Light we continuously pursue until we melt within it, offering it our unique revelations through experience.

Time as space are transcendable as they are gravitational.

Where opposites meet is the perfect balance “in mid-air” that opens perception, challenges the dream states.

We connect truly beyond need. Although it must first be recognized and honored.

The worst crimes have been committed through “best intentions”, where need has been unrecognized.

Inner lack cannot be filled without. Each level of creation follows its own rules.

Myths, legends and fairytales hold our history, symbolize truth, remind us and guide us, where linear logic fails to see!

To be continued...

Christiana Sophia

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