June 5, 2016

The two as one

A natural union; neither of them remember the precise beginning. They don't have to.

He stands humble but bold allowing her to move as she desires.

They already know. They don't have to think.

She holds the newborn reality in her womb. He placed the seed in her heart and stands back as she expresses herself innocently.

She knows that the time has come. She gracefully moves to the new rhythm, knowing when to push and when not to. He supports and provides security in the environment, each step of the way.

She knows the intensity and the duration of the pushing as well as the waiting. He fully trusts her.

She can feel the contractions, the stillness, the movement; everything. He watches and listens to her, paying attention to the details, backing her rhythm.

She contracts and lets go, giving up any fear and/or previous holding back. He provides his strength and his encouragement, without interfering.

She is totally absorbed, devoted and concentrated. He expands, piercing his attention, securing her ground.

She wins with his total support, returns to stillness to gather her energy. Her center illuminated, fills the space around them. He cradles her, nourishes, and sits at her feet in his bold presence.

She provides balance. He provides the strength.  She is the wave that he rides on. He is the stability that she stands on. She has the intuition, he has the knowledge.

They create their own time, they have provided their own space. They have created new life. Their intention is one. Their eyes are on each other. Their hearts beat one beat. Their minds are open to one another.

Their union is incorruptible for it does not belong to any teachings, contracts, beliefs or temporary attractions.

Their bond is a natural bond on all levels, none of which can be kept apart. Nothing separates them, nothing can keep them apart.

The new life she is giving birth to, cannot be fulfilled without him. You need two to create the one as the one creates the two. Equally, bilaterally, attuned. The two as one, each honoring their essence and role.

This is a union on another level. With no antagonism, no secrets, no hidden intentions. A high level of accomplishment must have first taken place within each.  

Meeting alike versions of our Self is inevitable. As we balance within, joining the complementary/opposites, we move in life accordingly. Whatever we are ready for, prepared for, open to, becomes life.

This could be a love affair between the masculine and the feminine, the creation of the whole/unique Self or the cooperation/balance of the mind; the same perspective...

Xristiana Sophia


  1. You are magnificent wonderful .

    Like in silent, with totally respect of every moment of the process .
    I found you inside me.
    Thank you
    with all my heart.

    and thank me too.
    thank you for you reminds me the magic of life.
    The truth!!!!

    thank you for standing

    i love you!

    1. Yes, we complement each other Despoina, receiving what we extend, giving what we understand and appreciate.
      Thank you for your comment!


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