June 27, 2016

The paradox of truth

What a merry-go-round!
Most of what goes on in life, beyond the surface reality, goes unnoticed by many people. And there's nothing wrong with that! It's the way we've chosen it to be, for our individual paths and evolution. Realization and non-realization both have their challenges.... different ones but nevertheless existing.

You can find keys to all the answers of all the questions that you might have. As long as you reach the stage of making the inquiry in the first place and even restating the question differently. Then, you wait to receive the answer, coming always from your Self, which is true, liberating and expanding. It's a learned process; one that society and our former education will fight to prevent...

There are lies in ALL theories/beliefs. You can't access their truth (which is actually your Own being projected) UNLESS you can detect those lies. It's all truly amazing if you are not attached to any of it; any specific "truths". Life becomes a more wondrous adventure if you can flow lightly through it all, seeing beyond the drama and attaching to it.

The loudest noise comes from within, your own mind, searching for an expression, a confirmation, a solution, a deliverance from without; from others, from information, from past knowledge. A lot of talking, playing out, body-related interaction is involved, promising answers, solutions that don't exist on this level of creation. It is an illusion level!

No, it is not for everyone nor can everyone take it to the same level. Each of us have our own life path to fulfill, which cannot be judged/criticized by any other. Not knowing your own life path, your own Self, makes life difficult, as you are tossed around by random realities, manipulated beyond Self-control and drained of energy (life force). The lies are many! The truth is hidden because it is an individual process, a conscious choice of awakening to it, at our will.

Things around you may seem jolting, moving or static, unstable and unpredictable or smooth and stable. It doesn't matter which because life will always surprise you sooner or later. It can touch your surface, stir emotions, make you move or lay back. Whatever the case, that which matters is how it all affects you deep within, how you interpret it and if you are in touch with your innermost center, your True Self. It can all be mimicked but not for too long. You can pretend but you cannot lie to your Self.

Our life span is "written" by our Spirit/Self before we enter this reality. But our journey through time/space is largely composed by us, the temporal self. We can listen to or ignore the messages from our Spirit. We can give away our power or cultivate it. We can become consumed or keep our individuality, although none of these choices are placed before us in linear ways that we expect and have been educated to search for.

Undoubtedly, awakening to truth and who we really are, although advertised, is only for the courageous, uncompromising ones. The dance of stand-ins, seductive theories and persuading perceptions is in each era a tempting reality. Why not? It is a level of diversity, illusion, perception and choice for the purpose of attaining balance and moving beyond it.

Balance is not yet known in its true meaning. All existing (age-long) theories and religions are cover-ups; challenges to the Spirit within, as it evolves through experience.

If truth cannot be expressed in your own, authentic words that reveal your true identity/expression each moment, they remain garments with a dated life-expansion, no matter how fine the material, how perfected the manufacturing, how intelligent and inspiring the design.

Truth moves, it changes, expanding beyond the known. Truth/true reality can only be Self-expressed, Self-realized, Self-reserved. It is truly a wonderfully variable creative ground!

As veils fall, walls come down, time merges, illusions are realized, symbols are decoded and physicality is overcome, true existence replaces robotic reactions and meaningless interactions/involvement.

Nothing is given "for free", presented in its true Nature/Essence if you have not earned it. Although it is up to YOU and has to be done by YOU, it CANNOT be done alone! But that is what you are led to beLIEve! The ongoing paradox of reality, until its truth is realized and responsibility is accepted.

Xristiana Sophia


  1. Truth is just "less lie" than lies.
    Lie is just "less truth" from true.
    the gates are wide, but the pass is narrow...

  2. Although it is up to YOU and has to be don YOU, it CANNOT be done alone!

    alone is without the Self...

    that is what you mean?!

    1. No, that's not what I mean... Words will always confuse and be misinterpreted, until we dare the journey within.


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