June 20, 2013

The "chosen few"

It is happening!

We are coming together; people from everywhere, from all over, who we did not know before this time. Those who we thought belonged to the same “circle” or like-minded thinking as us, are slowly disappearing, to give their place to the chosen ones who can join and participate in the new cosmic beat.

As we are unifying ourselves within, so we are connecting to one another, on a global scale.

We are to form communities, centers of unimaginable new creations; vibrating energy of knowledge and wisdom, embracing all and everything that can vibrate to like frequencies, within their own individuated uniqueness. We are beginning to contribute to each others’ purpose and calling, merging the many pieces of the One Picture, now starting to come into manifestation, as we grow, willingly extending ourselves beyond any former boundaries that we carefully formulated so that we would accomplish the unity and harmony within us.

Initially I hadn't realized the immense “plan” or the specifics of the of the calling. I thought that it was an open invitation, a general calling, to all who could understand the words and were seekers on the path of Truth. Now I know that simple words cannot be understood by those who haven’t felt the opening and the expansion in their own hearts. None, who are stuck in their own beliefs can see beyond that which they already know and can recognize. The leap of faith, the huge leap in consciousness, is for those who have learned to be warriors, who are willing each moment to desert who they have become to be who they can be as Unique, Individuated Oneness.

The calling is for those “few” of us who are to form the fundamental structure of a totally new and uprising humanity, for the rest to follow, contributing equally and truthfully to the tapestry of unique creation within the universe. Linear time is slowly “losing” its hold on us as opposites unite and time merges within past and future realms, to become the offering provided for the new Present.

Nothing like this has ever been done before anywhere or anytime in our known and unknown history. The challenge is a huge one, initially for those who are to form the cells or “DNA” of the awakened, conscious humanity. None of us can remain the same, holding on to our own discoveries and revelations, excluding all other knowledge and wisdom from our awareness. Each is to provide our uniqueness and at the same time, we are to willingly receive the uniqueness of others. This new relationship formed, of immense power and unbeatable essence is changing the face of humanity forever.

We are rapidly moving towards a new, never before experienced kind of existence, following the incorruptible laws of the universe. The chosen ones recognize each other within the center of their own hearts, where no justification, no explanation or description is needed or can fit. When two or more hearts join together in the name of Truth and Love, no other force can prevent or stall the new-born creation from being inspired/revealed in the Heart and formed in the Mind, to be gracefully expressed though our physical existence.

To be continued, with the next step… everything is changing...


  1. although the title does not "sit" comfortably within me, this article resonated instantly in my heart and in a way has extended my perception a bit more. Thank you for what I will describe as a summary of the global consciousness evolution..
    It would be helpful, I think, to end it with suggestions to go further and towards what you describe for those humans ready to do so..

    1. The title is a mirror of our programming and that arouses defenses. :)

      My own contribution to this new challenge is the Self Synthesis Circle, waiting for the "chosen" few" (by the way, I don't believe that there are only a "few") to set it off and create something completely new.

      I have neglected it for a while trying to set up the new blog. I do have the final picture in my head, but the right words and topics are waiting to be revealed. Everything has perfect timing... as the "chosen few" gather...

      You see, group meetings are not what I am talking about and we don't need the physical for this. We need expand our consciousness; to connect surface mind - psyche - spirit, or intellect - soul - Self. That can be done if we are willing to go beyond the ego, beyond the identity, through a very different kind of communication and deeper more meaningful dialogues.

      We can take things much further... I will write more about this and start posting in the S.S.Circle soon. :)

      Thanks for giving me the opportunity to write a little bit more about it.


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