May 28, 2012

Do's and don't s of Dyslexia

Children with Dyslexia fall into a vast category of right-brained children, which includes children with Aspeger syndrome, AD(H)D and other "syndromes". Although each group has its own unique characteristics, as each individual also has, this vast category of right-brain dominant individuals have a totally different way of thinking, processing, perceiving that is not yet understood or appreciated, in our left-brain society.

This article gives a small insight to parents of these different, unique children. Its purpose is to provide a new outlook, a totally different perspective on dyslexia, our unique children and ourselves.

These are not things you will often come across, for a whole profit-based empire benefits from our ignorance, fear and guilt-based agreement to "fixing" our children. After decades of research, experience, teaching and learning, all I can honestly advise you, while reading this article, is to open your mind and trust your inner knowing for truth. 

Do not start running around looking for magical "cures" to "heal" or fix your child. More than anything, it is you who need to understand and enter their world, which is very different to the (only) one, you have been conditioned to believe exists.

Do not believe the "disorder" label, or any other limitation that the educational, scientific and social systems want to convince you of. We are living in a society where, no matter how much we want to have "the best intentions" on a collective level, we are still far away from actually accepting and understanding, what differs from the "norm".

Do not fall into the trap of searching for an evaluation, a name for your child's "condition", a description that would make you feel better but will not actually change anything, nor will it bring you closer to understanding your child or yourself. You need to be willing to learn, shift, and dare to let go of YOUR limiting and learned beliefs. Evaluations only help you by giving you a direction, nothing more. Often though, these are misleading, as all evaluations are subjective.

Do not assume that there is any existing method that would magically transform your child, in order to "fit in" with all the other children. Each child is different, and dyslexic children even differ greatly between themselves (although there are many similarities . Be grateful that your child will not submit, conform or obey. This will help you reevaluate much that you have taken for granted. Keep in mind, that there is NOTHING a dyslexic cannot do, once they put their mind to it and really want it. 

Do not fall into the trap of believing that "she/he has to adapt to the school and social system". Ask yourself why they should have to, after you have looked around and can honestly tell yourself (and them) that these systems have worked, that they have provided you and the rest of society with success, happiness, peace of mind and unity. Your dyslexic child might not be able to express higher or deeper insights, but they feel and know deep inside them. They vibrate on another level of perception which often seems chaotic and "beyond reality". Keep in mind that WE are living is a virtual reality!

You will not be successful in showing your child YOUR world, the one you want it to fit it to fit in with, if you have not dared and attempted to enter theirs. This is not the only reality that exists, and they know it!

You might speak the same words, but understanding happens on many different levels; unseen and unnoticed by the surface mind. Your child might hear you, look at you, but might be traveling thousands of miles and levels away at the same time. It's your job to recognize, know and be open to "enter". Do not assume that this reality is equally as important to them, especially if it seems boring, repetitive and meaningless.

Do doubt everything that you are told and read (even this article), especially if it comes from "experts" who gain from your fear, guilt and consent.

Do not compare your child to any other or follow the "norm" statistics of how she/he "should" be and what she/he "should" be able to do at a certain age. She does not fit into any category, nor is she a puppet of expectations (yours or the system's). You will be disappointed every time, while drifting further and further away from your child, forcing her to shut down or rebel, which will deprive her/him of expressing their true potential.

Do love them unconditionally after recognizing that it is only your programming and social conditioning that places conditions on love.

Do accept them AS they are, which does not mean to limit your expectations and treat them differently (as an invalid or incompetent). Be humble and have the willingness to explore your child's world; I promise that is will prove revealing and life-transforming.

Do find out what you do not know from people who really know through experience and not from "experts" who have studied the theory, stand "on the outside looking in", trying to make meaning from their abstract view.

You have been blessed with a unique child, who will often challenge you.

With proper guidance and practical information, you will come to the place of knowing (not believing) that THIS will be the future "norm" and prerequisite for a whole new world, which we will all accept through conscious awareness.

Xristiana Sophia

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