July 1, 2014

You could (and should) doubt everything

The moment that you realize that you need to continuously doubt everything that you know – and I mean EVERYTHING – is a terrifying and at the same time THE most liberating moment of your entire life because after this, you start living!

I could state everything that I know entirely differently. I could expand on it and subtract from it, without being “wrong”. This is our polymorphic, paradox reality, deriving from our multidimensional selves that we are here to explore. Remaining attached to one-sided, limited, dense identities, keeps the laws of creation and destruction, unity and separation hidden and horribly deformed. 

We create and destruct whole worlds constantly, not realizing that we are doing it, each moment of every day. The whole purpose before we go any “higher”; to other planes of existence, is to learn to do it simultaneously, by integrating the opposites and stop categorizing, judging, which creates polarities.

Being in the "unknown realm" is not a very comfortable place to be. Many of us choose not to enter at all. It strips away all concrete knowing, all comforting securities that make the world a real reality to acknowledge outside of ourselves. It also takes away most of the responsibility involved in creating (or destructing) consciously. Most of the theories going around, new religions and intellectual thesis are based on one of the two polarities, which keep the veil over our conscious awareness, our spiritual eyes shut and our intimidated hearts closed.

Being in the "I don't know" place, in our practical everyday life, keeps the mind from continuing the inner monologue, from making plans and preparing the expected (believed) outcome. It is not as easy as it sounds to address each day and each person, each incident and each thought "anew". But it IS liberating, uplifting and highly creative; it is authentic living!

It takes a courageous, "child-like" heart and mind, to continue to explore, to doubt the fundamental programming of the internally created matrix ( or matrices). It takes an open mind and the willingness to move into unknown spaces of non-experienced possibilities. This has a “price” attached to it. You cannot have followers, be well-known or collectively accepted. You cannot be a “leader”, someone to “look up to” and mimic.You become an "enemy" of the constructed reality that seems concrete and unshakable.

It’s scary seen from denser planes of existence as all known securities are instantly wiped out and you are left “standing alone” each time that you doubt ALL that you knew a moment before.

Knowing for the programmed ego is a must; a way of attempted control. We like clinging on to ideas, habits and attitudes that make us feel that we belong or that we have "everything under control". Even if we change our opinion, are willing to explore new ideas, we quickly become attached to the most appealing one -  as before - to hide our fear of not knowing, not having something "concrete" to "fall back to".

But it’s the only way to “wake up”, to live/exist truly and to walk through life in courageous boldness, characterized by confident humility and connected awareness, which expresses wisdom, understanding and conscious action.

Contrary to what most people think, this can be taught, shown and experienced majestically, as we walk together, through the stages of waking ourselves up from age-old hypnosis. The "teaching" involves many subjects and area, which, initially, we don't think are connected. It also involves "work"; a word that has been misinterpreted and misused to mean "difficult", "unbearable", something to "get out of" in order to play, have fun or just relax. The polarities are still thriving, separating the truth from make-believe lies...

Xristiana Sophia

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