June 24, 2014

Time travelers

Dreams within dreams within dreams!

In the dream you cannot manipulate “reality”, where you still need to face and fight with outer influences, which are projections (but very real), as well as face your inner demons. Inside these dreams you hurt, you die, you feel all the emotions, linear time exists. It’s only when you wake up from the specific dream that you realize that you are still alive and well and time takes on a new meaning.

And then, you realize that you still within a dream…

Everyone and everything that you encounter, even if it’s a stranger, is known to you, on another level of existence and mind. The incidents of “déjà vu” are strong indicators of this fact, although the thinking, linear mind cannot make out the their meaning.

We are in a dream ourselves, an individual as well as a collective one. What matters is not the actual waking up FROM the dream but how well we’ve played within it, remaining true to the plot, of which we are able to make out its true purpose and reason for existence.

Plots within plots and dreams within dreams, which we have to understand. We can only do that when we accept the fact they are both real and make-believe… We need to accept on an experiential not an intellectual level (as merely an idea that we keep in our minds but unrelated to our everyday lives).

We are time travelers. We need to realize this through experience. When we are asleep (literally) in one reality, we wake up in another and yet another and another. Do these multiple realities sometimes “clash” or meet? I know that at least some of them do… when something changes, when a rapture in the specific matrix happens. Only when we exit all dreams, all perceptions, all specific realities, will we know what is beyond, which is not possible as long as we remain fully absorbed and totally attached to one reality.

It’s also, really, rather pointless to search for reasons, causes or “beginnings” by isolating a timeline; by  considering one lifetime as a "beginning and an ending" in itself. This is practice of modern day psychology and psychiatry, which is literally failing and totally misses the point and wider perspective, which it cannot reach, belonging to a system, a structure made of rules within the dream-state.

Another important point to consider is the following, which continues to be a collective fear that produces most of the worldwide misinformation... especially from those who believe that they "have awakened":

Even if an idea is “implanted” in the mind of another, it is still always according to his/her higher consent and aligned higher will, which he has to discover for himself. There are of course ways to do this, which have nothing to do with intellectual informing of oneself nor does it have anything to do with the current practices, structures and methods used.

When we begin to rapture the frame of realities or break the veil of the "one and only" reality illusion, through experience, and connect with our inner mind/other lives/selves, we can change linear time as we  experience it.

This article was inspired by the movie "Inception", which I finally took the time to watch (all in perfect timing), although - as always - the ideas were already in my head and my experience proved the information I feel to know and write about. 
And of course, the only reason for my writing, continues to be  "how"; how do we do it, how do we wake up, how do we make sense of the world and our own lives, how do we find meaning etc., which is the basic concept of my articles, the lessons and the online dialogues. 
These articles are better understood by the right mind, the feminine within us, the peripheral vision which we gradually gain.

Xristiana Sophia

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