June 3, 2014

On Ethics and Free Will

We are each educated on specific ethical systems, depending on where and when we live. Most of us spend much of our life evaluating this taught ethical system, changing our ideas perhaps and searching for a more coherent and acceptable ethical system, which we can believe in and follow.

It is only when we dare to exit all the systems, all theories of knowledge that we begin to grasp the magnitude of the matrices that we form, by our own focus of attention. 

Perhaps the following will sound frightening at first or simply too radical to be worthy of your focused attention. But then truth is never dependent on our temporary ability of accepting or understanding it or not.

Our challenge is always the same one; can we exit all systems of thought and free our mind enough to explore?

The point of my writing these insights is not a need to debate on each person's  already formed opinion. I myself often think about what the insights have revealed to me, with an open mind, while observing my everyday life, through a more expanded perception of understanding.  Only then does everything "fall" into place, the insights are explained in practical terms and I can use them in my life.

I invite you to ponder on the following, allowing your own Self to reveal Its Truth to you.

What we "do" does not matter.

We are not judged by our actions.

We are NOT judged.

We are not cosmic victims.

What matters is what WE know about what we are doing. Our actions are revealed to us and us alone.

Ethics is a product of imagination and control.

The universe is not ethical.

Nothing matters. And yet, everything matters, for it forms matter, worlds, realities.

Everything is "just", for there is no judgment, no righteousness.

There are "natural"
(meant in an entirely different perspective of what we name "natural" today) consequences, which the linear mind cannot grasp or understand because they are not bound to linear time, nor revealed in a linear, isolated way. 
One singular thought connects with many others in a single individual, as well as with other individuals.

When the ego thinks that it forms alone, it thinks it creates chaos and it is also chained to that illusion of chaos, which it sees and names as reality. 

That is the problem of “free will” and it is revealed right here. 
So simply! 

I have seen from past experience that if I substitute one word or explain it according to my current tuning of understanding, I tend to "lose" the insight (or part of it) and need to "rediscover it again.  I think the same is true for all of us.

Xristiana Sophia

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