May 29, 2014

Where the money goes

If you want to see where the world is heading, look towards where the money is going. But look closely, even if it hurts or if it makes your beliefs uncomfortable.

And don’t blame the money; that’s a child’s reaction. In fact, when you start blaming, you are caught in the middle of a tornado that will keep swirling you around like feather, lost in the wind.

So, where IS the money going? The amazing thing is that money does not hide. Take a look…

It goes to political campaigns, Big Pharma, "scientific" research, war factories, new age gurus, athletes and celebrities, various wars (on drugs, “healthy” foods, the "exposing-the-lies" business and so on), “alternative” medicine and philanthropies, advertising, space exploration, the music business… and much more.

Interesting isn’t it? To say the least. Real thinking begins after we dare to take a look at the facts…Oh, I know that all this hurts our egos!

The next hardest thing is to re-evaluate our own participation, no matter what it is and where it is focused. The more we need to defend something, the more liable it is of being a lie.

I am not saying that all this is “bad”. No, it goes far beyond “right and wrong”, “good or bad”. It goes where the mind does not want to go, where the linear mind cannot go… to synthesis; to connecting the pieces, to place the seeming opposites together, to realizing the bigger picture and then the bigger and bigger.

But this takes time, linear time, from “normal” life and social conditioning. No matter how much we think we know, there is always something that we are not seeing… if we are blaming, if we have become comfortable in our knowing, if we continue to contribute, in any way, to the existing system we call civilization… which is still in the iron age…

Because this world is still playing the blame game… unable or unwilling to look at the self.

Xristiana Sophia

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