May 6, 2014


We don’t understand each other because each one speaks through our own ideas, beliefs, needs and perception. All this, immediately and autonomously erects an invisible barrier between us, whether we know it or not.

It still sometimes shocks me, when I experientially realize that my words might be fully understood only by a few people, a few more might ask but the majority will totally misunderstand, totally misconceive that which they think they know is there. It is a continuous challenge for all of us I think…

Words might be the same, the syntax might be wrong or right, it doesn’t matter. Even in the perfect syntax, wording and analysis, misconception is still the most likely possibility. That which we see will always be a fraction of the whole that remains invisible and we don’t realize.

Sometimes, I am weary of words and exhausted of explanations. At other times, I realize the necessity. But lately, the two opposites have joined in a new venture, which is beyond both: Dialogues; the greatest inner and outer challenge to date... at least for me and others who have realized the need to shift from conversations.

At first glance, the variety, the context, the polymorphic reality seems overwhelming and intimidating. It is not the ego’s playground and a totally alien field. The greatest fear and challenge is felt within.

Where before it all seemed “under control” and "in order", safely hidden and "secured", now chaos threatens to overturn the structure. So much that was previously unrealized surfaces, and the previous, carefully manufactured structure, seems to rock dangerously. Millions of thoughts interact with each other, where none may lead. Roles, as identities, cannot play-up, unobserved like before and the administrator seems nowhere in sight.

Has there never before been an administrator? What a realization! No wonder companies in our modern world are not run by competent managers, no matter how many schools they have attended, no matter how many titles, distinctions they have accumulated! Competence is basically a product of self-government... achieved through dialogue!

But, as I stated before, so much is misunderstood and so many words have already been explained by existing belief patterns, which mostly hide truth. This is a fact, which cannot be overturned by any argument! Why?

Because words are subject to consciousness, they serve consciousness and not the other way round. These change meaning, context and essence according to each shift, expansion or contraction, each inner war or union… words are magical things that change constantly. Does that give you a new perspective into dyslexia and the limiting previous label that we use, thinking that we know?

I know my articles don’t have endings, never mind “happy endings”… but then, does thought have an end? Have we really realized what it means to “still the mind”? Or have we conveniently burdened the idea with more belief systems, more needless practices that still hide the truth?

Words only have the power that WE give to them...and that changes, each time we shift!

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