May 27, 2014

The ultimate Love Story

When the heart is silent, the mind must remain watchful; like a devoted, loving warrior, protecting his one and only love.

When the heart expresses, the whole world connects with her grace, truth and elegant magnificence.

The balanced dance of the two, which cannot go unnoticed, as all remain still, in awe.

He is the strength, the stability, the trust, the ultimate warrior.

She is amazingly flexible, as he supports her every move. She is the beauty, the daring, the confident adoration that makes her "fly" in soft, feather-like movements.

Together they create a unique dance on the stage of life that cannot be copied or ignored.

We have learned everything backwards…

The masculine talks too much, revealing his isolated ignorance. The feminine hides always unattended to, unexpressed, not respected.

We explain but do not reveal. We analyze but cannot show.

We have the symbols, the parables, the signs but cannot understand them or integrate them in our lives.

We search beyond ourselves, desperately longing for our “other half”, not recognizing that it is internally placed, where it awaits our recognition, and final expression.

The perfect balance, the amazing grace, the confident lightness, the trained inter-relationship that produces miraculous, unflawed expression… !

Can he carry her elegance and grace?
Can she trust his unmovable devotion? The internal training is our only conscious task and hope for true unity and beyond imagination creations; together, as one.

She knows she cannot do it alone.
He knows he is only “half a man” alone.

Search for him in your dreams, symbols and signs.
Search for her in your expressions, your words and your goals.

Let her take the first bow; let him know he is your pillar of strength.
Soul and Spirit together, heart and mind, finally united. The body obeys this holy union!

Can you see the connections, the similarities, the symbolism? Or is your understanding still linear, selective and separating?

Xristiana Sophia

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