May 17, 2014

Starting Over; can it be done?

Each moment, we have the opportunity to start over. But do we? And what does the phrase really mean? How do we “start over”?

Do we move house, change relationships, choose different habits? Do we choose positive thoughts against negative ones? What do we really mean when we say, “each day is a new day”?

Since everything is created in the mind, this proves a much more difficult task than we initially think it is. We usually make the mistake of separating: the outside from the inner reality, the others from us, our needs from our beliefs and so on and so forth. So, the initial prompt, “each day is a new day” becomes confusing or is easily and completely forgotten.

There is a catch… as usual! This is half a statement, a half truth, which inevitably turns into a lie (because of that). Living in a world of duality, seeking out the truth is quite a challenge, an ongoing one too.

If today is a new day, it’s an old day too. If we have original, authentic thoughts, they are a synthesis or all our old thoughts too. The new “me” is a compilation of all my old “me s” plus the whole, which is much more than its parts. But all this remains theory, unless we can put it all into practice. We usually just struggle between the one or the other.

So, how do we “put it all together” and function from an autonomous state of being, instead of being swept back and forth, struggling to find the right among the wrongs?

We need our whole brain to do that; we need both the qualities and characteristics of the left and the right brain. We need to know the connection between our brains and our minds. We need to connect our emotions, our knowing, distinguish our beliefs from facts and so on. There’s much to do, so that we may become whole and understand the statement “each moment we have the opportunity to start over” and really live by it.

The problem is that we never learn about all these important issues anywhere in our upbringing or schooling. Quite the contrary! This knowledge is not considered learnable, teachable, or a legitimate subject that can be included in any curriculum. Of course not! It would mean synthesizing many subjects together, cross-examining information, doubting the existing establishment and existing (for a while) on unknown ground. Yet, all this doesn’t mean that it cannot be done!

It just means that we need to take responsibility of doing it ourselves; of discovering the depths and power of our own mind, of seeking to find out how we create our reality moment to moment. It also means that we can totally undo the known process, becoming totally conscious of our linear mind and discovering other unique qualities that we currently are ignorant about and therefore cannot/do not use.

Until that happens, we continue to hide from ourselves, trying hard to believe new prompts and theories, but usually falling back to our old way of thinking or else… the whole attempt remains a difficult one; an ongoing struggle.

Because the truth is that each day we simultaneously start over and continue where we have always been... but the linear mind has no way of comprehending that and putting into practical use.

Xristiana Sophia

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