May 12, 2014

Looking for the Children

We have reached a point in our evolution where the most simple and obvious realization is not yet realized, at least seriously, on a large scale.

I’ll state it simply: Children should be included, respected and heard - seriously - in ALL meetings of scientists, psychologists, educators, politicians,  managers, healers, etc. We would then have a completely different world!

And I don’t mean the “small people”. I am not referring to size or age, which usually forms our understanding of the “children” group. No, the group I am referring to is a totally different one to our habitual thinking. “Children”, as I refer to them, are very unique people of all ages, who are usually under-estimated (or feared) by our rational, sophisticated, intellectual society.
But they all seem to have some traits in common…

- They don’t have degrees and titles in what they love doing… never saw the reason for them or never had the opportunity of obtaining them; it doesn’t matter which.

- They ask “silly” questions, which adults fear because they don’t have simple theoretical answers to them, thus such questions shake the fundamental ground of what's concrete, real and possible. And this (I think) is their greatest, most inspiring and immediately noticeable quality

- They are creative, outside the box thinkers, who come up with unorthodox, solutions, which initially seem far-fetched, unattainable, impossible

- They have nothing to lose for they are bubbling with life, incurable visionaries, no matter what

- They can focus, be original and extremely “gifted” once they find a purpose, meaning and a challenge to tackle

-They recognize other children with a natural, intuitive ability, which by-passes every adult manipulation and hidden attitude

- They know they have their “whole life in front of them”, even though they might be 93

- They are authentic, innocent but not naive.

- They have the flaming passion of teenagers and the common sense of adults, without having lost their innocence and purity.

- They have a unique ability play along; crying and laughing with the drama, while being able to spontaneously exit all,with the same natural ease.

- They have an inner sense of knowing which unites memory, logic, fantasy and magic all into one.

- They see beyond linear time, transcending the sensually obvious appearances.

- They are warriors, without armors, spears and shields. 

- They ask the "why" questions and then find the how... always together.

Oh yes, they are ridiculed, ignored, criticized, misunderstood and hurt. The most common and usual attempt is to "help" them grow, become "normal" and compromised... especially by those who like to believe that they understand them.  But, they continue to be who they are all cost.

We are a growing society/world of old people… who don’t listen to children because we have no idea who the real children are! You probably won't spot many of them on the front-line, because they are not yet included in "serious business" of all aspects of life...

But then, we have to BE a child in order to know one...!

Xristiana Sophia 

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