April 22, 2014


I Am Love in Action!
What a beautiful inspiration, which involves so much…

Love restores health.

Love nourishes truth.

Love renews; the old has to be replaced by the new.

Love connects and uplifts the separated.

Love is power in disguise.

Love is expressing faith and commitment.

Love is humility that emanates power.

Love is conscious giving that inspires mastery in all.

Love is silent manifestation of Higher Will.

Love unites opposites in the dance of experienced Eros; being in love each moment.

Love reveals the “impossible magic”, which is our birthright and forgotten knowledge.

Love dissolves illusions, revealing glorious differentiation.

Love is food from the Spirit that brings the Soul home.

Love changes all meanings, creating a new communication, which the mind does not understand.

Love dissolves what the mind wants to destruct; showing it “another way”, where there was none.

Love cures all emotions, uplifting the self to the unknown, blissful “heavens”.

Love’s joy is indescribable but illuminating truth experienced.

Love is beauty created, from the seeming death.

Love replaces lies, with the gentle touch of undeniable truth.

Love feeds the weary Soul, which the Spirit patiently offers to the warrior self.

And yet… Love is even much more than words can reveal and the mind can comprehend…

This is not a subject I usually write about... it is as "dangerous" as it is misleading for the non-awakened... at my Self's Will, perhaps it is time...

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