April 1, 2014


People think that they know you from your name and thus decide to listen to you or not. We have all done this, we all give in to this reality, whether we have consciously observed it or not.

Not only that, but according to your name (who they think that you are and your social presence), they are already preparing their answer within their own minds accordingly – unconsciously.

We are taught/educated to not listen, feel and experience the words but to pretend to know or investigate, based on the reflections that we see and all that we think that we know. In reality, we never really doubt all this.

Of course, being anonymous does not serve your ego identity either. You want to show how much you think you know, you are eager to defend and establish who you think that you are, you are in a hurry to “leave your mark” on this illusive world you call reality, so that you may “prove” to yourself that you exist.

The difficulty is in remaining anonymous, in passing by unnoticed… still doing that which you want, still offering who you are, still living your life according to your own principles and opinions, each time.

The next difficulty is in not trying to find a right or a wrong in this point of view, but to risk experiencing the depth and the essence of both my opinion and your learned one. Being willing to “cross over” to the other side and see the perceived reality and necessity of both.

Truth lies beyond both, by merging the two, fearing or being intimidated by neither. There is always something to discover, when you dare to shift from your known comfort zone. That's how we discover whole new worlds, more fascinating realities. That's how we free our minds and dare to live authentically, in the here and now.

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