April 13, 2014

Laying the Foundations

We are all out researching, learning, planning, creating, designing, healing our everyday lives, moment by moment. That’s one side of reality; each one in our own and in collective (group) realities that we have chosen to participate in. What many of us fail to realize is what is behind all this, how all this happens.

Sure, we want to learn, we are creative beings. We are constantly searching for new methods, improved theories, unique inventions and art forms, which would make our lives easier, more meaningful, more productive. And yet, what we still need to realize is the process; the mechanism of the whole process of invisible and manifested reality.

Undoubtedly, there is ample information out there, for any type of research, in most spoken languages, on any topic we can imagine or think of. However, that’s not what I’m talking about. That which still limits us and keeps us bound to ignorance or partial knowledge (which is in reality ignorance too) is the simple fact that we don’t know our own brain/mind.

Many believe that they do but my opinion is a little different… The fact that I can stop my thoughts for a while or guide my thoughts to where I want them, does not mean that I have conquered the mind. What a naive presumption! Every day I find new pathways in the brain/mind that I didn’t know of before. Every day, new information alters the previous setting dramatically, creating new images and new realities, unrealized before.

Nevertheless, what I am talking about is not scientific information, theoretical thesis, academic analysis or hi-tech coded information understood only by few. What I am referring to is practical, down-to-earth knowledge that we acquire only through personal experience.

For, it doesn’t really matter what you have set out to do. It might be a goal to learn something new, to create something unique, to envision a new reality, to strengthen that which you believe in with actions, to heal a disease or a relationship, to discover your unique talents and personal contribution to life… No matter what it is that you are intending to do, that which will make all the difference in “the end” is how much time and energy you have spent on laying concrete foundations. There is only one thing that can be a "foundation" (although there are many false ones posing as such) and that is: know your own brain/mind…through experience (not theoretical/academic/scientific memorizing and intellectually accepting/rejecting)! The only true foundations are set with personal, practical that requires involvement… a rather different involvement that we have in mind through our education and world/social view points.

How does a thought “pop up” in our mind and why? Where does it come from? How does information get stored in our mind and why? How do our own unique (for each person) hemispheres function and inter-relate and why? What is the significance of linear time and why have we created this tool? How do we learn, remember, revive, forget, imagine, synthesize and separate information? What is the significance (the real significance) of emotions and why do we find it so difficult to alter them or make peace with them (honestly)? Why is it so difficult (impossible at this stage, I would say) for science to map and understand the brain/mind? How does the brain realize, process and store information? Why do we need to know all this and also keep up with our evolving brain/mind?

Some of these questions have filled tons of books, academic papers, have inspired many scientific and philosophical research projects and yet…. The largest part of humanity still has no idea (or a false idea) of the workings of the brain/mind in everyday life. For, there is nothing that can replace the individual’s responsibility of knowing and then manifesting that knowing, in his/her everyday life.

It doesn’t matter what we have chosen to do or be. It all starts with our very own unique brain/mind! YOUR brain, YOUR mind, in YOUR life, right now!

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