April 22, 2014

True Power

The hardest thing to do is to work in silence, in humility and in complete faith in your Self and your Own knowing. But it’s the most rewarding and most revealing of all states of being.

The ego has its own interpretation of what this means and these concepts must all be doubted and resolved.

I am often awed at how this whole “process” works… I also know that you can observe and fully integrate this whole multidimensional, totally amazing reality, only if you have fully understood and mastered objective observation; within and without.

There is a way of absolute knowing, which defies any other made-up mechanism, that leaves you in a place of peace and bliss, once you have willingly made the “full circle” round. It is the process of acquiring inner Knowledge and higher Guidance that simply cannot be compared to any other.

Once you have made peace with your inner sub-personalities and are done playing with mirrors, which you previously didn’t want to recognize in yourself, the game begins. Another game, quite different from the one you willingly mastered before.

Each sub-personality and your Soul essence takes part, with “leading roles” in life’s magnificent play. Under the watchful eye of the conscious observer, you consciously engage in life’s happenings, receiving and giving according to your life’s highest purpose. It’s not as easy or straightforward as it sounds.

For each sub-personality has to engage fully, at the “risk” of losing the whole, the meaning, thus remaining in the part. But faith is the key component (not belief, which is entirely different). Each time that the full circle has been closed and each test has been passed, you come to a place of impeccable and unshakable knowing that opens a whole new reality in front of you, which you are willing and much more powerful to walk on. Power, true power, is hidden from the physical world but immensely more real and indestructible.

That which took years and withdrawal from the world to accomplish before, we can acquire now with conscious involvement and conscious observation, by merging the opposites, by willingly playing the roles, which hide their gifts and virtues.

The danger is always to be consumed, either by the roles (sub-personalities) or by the power offered to those who are seeking the Path. The gifts offered to the most humble, consciously aware and devoted match no others that this world has to offer.

But I know by now that all this information only makes sense to those who are through consuming information and are devoted to "the work"...

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