April 21, 2014

True Healing

We can heal a disease but we cannot heal our life by any outside force nor with any automatic method or device. The ego produces immediate result. The Spirit does not.

The body and mind are connected with the Soul (our other bodies and timelines) through the subconscious, which becomes evident in dream symbols, life occurrences and their symbolism, our likes and dislikes, attractions, repulses, etc., which the mind has to understand and synthesize, after learning to recognize (not hypothesize).

Although all of our lives and timelines influence this one, we have the ability to change our destiny and the value of our journey right here right now, by realizing and dismantling the programs and "returning" to alignment with our Spiritual essence and potential, which is unlimited - provided we honor our power and serve with integrity.

This takes time. The ego is impatient and wants immediate results. Until the ego becomes a servant and exresor of our higher Will, instead of a master and interpreter of reality that we think it is, we cannot reach our highest potential. Any power we have gained will backfire, until we learn and submit the ego to the Spirit.

Illness is always a challenge as is every physical manifestation. Healing the illness or disposing of any physical symptom of lack from our lives does not ensure release, exemption from responsibility or unity with our highest essence.

Only our own blockages can be used against us and harm us. Nothing is against us but our own interpretations and distortions.

First, before any real treatment is possible, we need to be re-educated through conscious involvement in the mind's mechanics; its ways of processing information, its link with the subconscious and superconscious mind, the importance of emotions and subliminal thinking processes. We need to know how to observe and understand symbolism, patters, connections in our lives and the world around us. We need to take responsibility of our inner world, our thinking patters and our deeper layers of intentions, which often do not surface to our conscious minds.

Then, and only then is true healing or Self-healing possible, as well as conscious elevated creation, for the good of our own Soul, Spirit and for all Creation. As we align ourselves with Spirit, so our life is aligned with wisdom, abundance, love and enhancing conscious contribution.

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