April 20, 2014

Rethinking Reality

It is important to step in and out of this reality at will or it will consume you.

Using your own sensory receptors autonomously is no easy task. Being able to distinguish inner “higher” guidance from programming is an ongoing challenge, which becomes easier with practice. The poses and pretenses are many and real looking.

We remain our worst enemy until we begin to distinguish, realize and exit our own programming, which we often call our “truth” or “right”.

If we are really on the right Path - for there is only one - there will be many moments in our lives when we will be startled with Self-revelations: “Wow! I did not realize that this was in me” or …”that this still persisting” and so on... And each time, we would patiently, kindly and lovingly address whatever that might be within us, instead of ignore it.

There are times when I just cannot write. That is when I know that I have work to do; research, observe,  study, to obtain more information. The students who are with me on the Path, help immensely in this, as we heal and teach each other, in more ways than the linear mind can comprehend. Just as patients, help a doctor become a better healer… if he recognizes the responsibility and opportunity that he has.

So, in those times, my Spirit takes over the sessions with students entirely, while I attend to my Soul, through observation and conscious action in my daily life and environment, to clear my own field. There are so many misconceptions about all these concepts today... I know by now that I can only really address them on personal level, as each one of us dares to doubt our own.

Being cut off from the deeper layers of our subconscious and Spirit, we are trained to look for physical results, for fast-food methods and relief, which ideally require the least effort and pain. We just don’t realize what we are actually doing! We can treat the symptoms, cure the disease, move on, change lifestyles, eat healthy, do everything "right" but the subconscious programs will continue to run in the background, creating more mischief, illness, negative emotions and catastrophes in the background; for ourselves, others and the environment. Our surface linear minds have no way of connecting the dots and realizing the bigger picture…

We need to train ourselves entirely differently! And we need to take this responsibility into our own hands, if we really want to be free. Here are some of the things that we explore in sessions and I also encourage in children, which is easier for them to do because they are more open to exploring and questioning:

Learn to use our right brains

“Switch on” our inner sight

Revive the images and sensations of our forgotten knowledge

Use color in a more creative way

Study nature - shapes, waves of experiences, cycles etc.

Study the human organism - cells, connections, functions, systems, etc. and learn to be in constant communication with our bodies

Communicate with others on energy and thought level

Start seeing patterns, connections, meaning in life around us

Reveal hidden thoughts for the purpose of doubting belief structures and programming, not our self.

Study the dream world and our own internal symbols of everyday life

Change our matrix by changing our set, concrete thought patterns

Face our fears instead of avoiding and/or intellectualizing them

Recognize emotions and allow all to exist equally within us as we continue to understand our self

Receive insights, foresight and wisdom from our own Self as well as information from the world we decided to come into, from its more subtle layers

It doesn’t matter what we choose to do in our lives. We need to understand the levels of creation and how they fit in with our reality, what matters and what doesn’t. What matters much more is the way we think and the belief we insist of holding on to, that "we can hide", just because our thoughts, intentions, emotions, needs are invisible to the physical eyes and 3 dimensional, linear experience.

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