April 14, 2014

More than we think we know...

We need to redefine so many things… practically everything that we think we know. And as each new definition is reached, causing transformation within, we discover that there is yet more undiscovered “ground” to reach.

It is hard for the linear mind to perceive that nothing can harm us, nothing and no one is against us and that life is secured. It is my opinion that not only is it hard for the linear mind to capture but impossible too. For the simple reason that it is not its “job” to know! And yet, we have been taught and trained to use a very small portion of our surface mind, excluding the majority of our abilities and possibilities.

There is so much that the linear, left brain does not “pick up” and yet we walk around assuming that we know and control reality, when in real truth, our senses and left brain are blind to 99% of all that is! We are taught to rationalize, intellectualize and choose between the opposites that we perceive. But cultivating and using our right brain, has its benefits…

When you begin to realize just what your right brain is capable of, just how much information really exists "out there"… actually, so much that you are unable to take it all in simultaneously… you just have to be totally awed and humbled, yet remain observant and detached, totally at ease.

They say that “practice makes perfect” but they don’t collaborate on that, nor do we realize exactly what it means. “Perfect” is perceived as a static place of being, when a goal has been reached or accomplished. It is much more than that, as it is also a “place” of continuous motion (expansion as well as contraction, all  at once).

We need to redefine most of what we assume to know, but not with our lefts brains. There is only so much that the left brain can realize. And there is a reason for that, which has to be realized through experience.

Our definitions and perceptions change when we are able to perceive through our right brains, as this in itself changes the scenery completely, each time. That which we knew yesterday does not exist (as such) today, as it is also synthesized into a totally new viewpoint, which includes all the others (past and future).

“Going back” to thinking simply is not an easy task, especially for the specialized, complex, linear, thinking mind. But it is a necessity in the process of awakening or expanding or ascending or however else you want to call it. Each little “detail” that comes in through your right brain, adds to the bigger puzzle of life and is exactly what you need in the right moment, perceived in exactly the way that you will understand and use it accordingly in your life. But how much of all that information are we taught to perceive?

The other saying is also true... "if you want to hide something, place it right in front of the seer"... He will only see that which he believes to exist...

Yet, when we start using our right brains consciously, with discipline and a sincere desire to transcend our limitations, not even a day goes by when we are not totally amazed, provided with insights and therefore in a different and more capable place to know, choose and flow harmoniously with life.

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