April 9, 2014

Would you show this to your children?

I love documentaries. I cannot even begin to count how many I’ve seen over the years. I loved this one too… but in so many other ways that words cannot even begin to express.

It takes a strong heart and a clear mind to watch without fast-forwarding or cutting it half way. That’s my personal experience. At the end, I decided that I couldn’t show this to my young child… and that’s the greatest issue for me!

Thinking about what we can tell our kids or not, what we could show our kids or not, has always been a crucial point of “correct thinking”, which steered me in the right direction.

Many questions rise after watching this documentary… see for yourself…

No, the real issue is not to remain in sentimentality. That will “wear off” soon enough, as we continue to live our lives, as before. There are three main stages to self-discovery that we need to go through, taking the time to be with our self:

1. We need to acknowledge specifically what is happening in our lives – in the present time – one by one. There is a lot of work to be done here as we specify the emotions, the thoughts, the belief patterns, our own involvement (desires, needs, intentions etc.). It’s a “tough” job for the ego to permit. Most people cannot concentrate long enough to see through the many mirrors that prevent clear sight.

2. Using our right brain/mind consciously, we need to see the bigger picture, by connecting the similarities, receiving the insights, becoming the observer as well as the participant in the movie of our lives.This has not been cultivated in anyway.

3. Then, we are ready and able to detach ourselves entirely, "flying in the arms of our Spirit" and seeing the whole, from a distance. This is the place of creation, from an ascended level of knowingness.

Having completed the circle of conscious awareness, we "return" to our lives, in order to express, in wisdom and specific involvement, who we truly are.*

After this, and returning to the documentary as well as to our practical everyday lives, we realize that most of our beliefs and actions are limited and actually based on pseudo-ethics. Another hard blow for the ego…

Is becoming a vegetarian the answer, coupled with criticizing those who eat meat?

Do we continue to trust pseudo-science which wants to persuade us that it acts in our best interest?

Have we detached ourselves so much from the whole linear process of life that we can light-heatedly just pick our shoes or jacket from the shelf or pass beautiful pictures and quotes around the internet, not wanting to see the ugliness of our created life?

There are so many unanswered questions and so many realities that we would not discuss with our children or show them the whole spectrum of our creations as humans/humanity.

And there is so much that we can do about this daunting reality, that it is simply inexcusable to avoid anymore.

No, group meditations don’t help as much as our individual conscious participation in life does.

No, separating ourselves from what we don’t like and don’t agree with is not the answer; this creates reverse reaction and results.

No, connecting with like-minded people excluding all the rest from our awareness does not change us or the reality that we have chosen to be a part of.

Responsibility is an individual task and involves a lot more than New Age thinking and the current “light-workers” want to persuade us of. It is an inner task of synthesizing and not excluding, observing and understanding not criticizing, realizing and not avoiding… it takes much more than we are taught anywhere or any time in our lives through society or any school (even the spiritual ones).

Would you show this documentary to your children?
Would you show all aspects of your life to your children?
Would you reveal every corner of your mind to your children?

* The process is a step by step “de-programming” and freeing of the mind, explained and worked through, in personal sessions with those who are ready to "unplug". For more details see the relative page or contact me via the contact form on the blog.

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