June 14, 2014

Nothing to decide

We think that we decide and we really do have many decisions to make in a single day, let alone a lifetime. Yet every statement is true on the level of perception and nowhere else. That being said, this article is focusing on a more widened, peripheral vision or whatever else you like to call the expanded view/mind.

We make our decisions long before even the problem of choice arises in our linear lives. Yet we don’t know this. Basically, we make our choices long before we reach “here”, on another "level" of beingness. Then, we try to make sense of those decisions, thinking we are making choices, which we truly  understand. It sounds paradoxically funny, and yet that’s how most of us spend our energy during our short lifetimes.

Another word or phrase of “enlightenment” or “waking up” could therefore be “understanding” or “being consciously, constantly aware”, although these too might be interpreted by the linear mind.

Nowadays, people believe that there is nothing to understand, just quieten or still the mind. But that’s disrespecting the mind and in turn yourself, while you attempt to achieve the impossible. For when the mind understands, when you lift the veil or your narrowed perception to wider levels awareness (each one to by surpassed), the lower mind quietens naturally and willingly, without effort or difficulty. It becomes a faithful servant, coming “online” only when you want it to, to aid you in your linear life.

So much confusion, so many misinterpretations, due to lack of understanding…

Yet, even that “urge to understand” is tested. There comes a time in the life of the initiate, when that inner urge becomes so evident that the “burning desire” for meaning surfaces and seeks satisfaction. The first test is before you. Most, believe it or not, fail this first test and roll back into ego-gratification, remaining mere seekers “on the outside” of “the temple”. Based on “the truth of the senses and the lower mind, people are driven by their instinctual survival mechanisms of the body/mind duo, not knowing that its survival in this world cannot be achieved through the body/mind attachment. Few manage to get in…

After that first major initiation, having achieved your entrance into the "non virtual realms", standing just in the “lobby” of the grand sanctuary, many more tests will follow, as you move one step at a time, being "tested" for your honesty, your will and your devotion. Some tests are tougher than others, as only you recognize them each time. You have only your Self to consult, even long before you recognize a “Self”, thinking that you are making the choices.

All tests are of equal importance, no matter how you experience or categorize them. They all have one purpose only: to unite the initiate with his or her own Self; Ego, Soul and Spirit: the holy trinity.

And all along the way, our one assignment is to understand the choices we have already made. To make sense of what the senses can sense, which is in fact the past, interpreted as the present. The question of time and the “here and now” slogan is not yet understood on a collective level... as only the individual makes up the "collective".

The challenge is always to apply that which we are granted, into everyday life, while we move lightly, gracefully and with certainty through linear life.

It doesn’t really matter what we do, for we all decisions have already been made (and lived). What matters is that we understand them and how they all “fit in” to the whole of our life, so that we may exist in internal peace as well as help others to see (or understand).

Any control and ego Will that we think we have, is just an illusion of attachment.

But just imagine… how much easier is it to play a game of chess from "high above", seeing the whole chessboard and all the little pawns as well as their roles on the board, than playing from the ground, with a giant chess board and enormous, distorted images all around you, unable to make out the ends of the board, the structure, the rules and the whole spectrum of the game? And let us not even go any "deeper" or "wider" than that....

Xristiana Sophia

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