July 2, 2014

From a different perspective

For some reason, and out of seeming “nowhere”, I’ve ended up researching “fractals” this morning; a word I’ve never even heard of, as I am not too familiar with mathematical terms.

I can remember exactly how I go there: from where I began (the initial site, article and words that caught my attention), what followed and exactly what steps I used to get there; to eventually reach that "something" that highly interested me for many reasons. The more I researched, the more I discovered that I already knew (from a totally different viewpoint, using completely different words, terms and images), but at the same time... there was still so much to learn and uncover!

Yet all this linear remembering DOES NOT matter. It just shows me a few undeniable truths:

1. Everything matters

2. Distraction doesn’t really exist

3. Everything leads to something worthwhile and important; exactly where it should

4. Trust in yourself is a must

5. Apparent chaos is in reality real order

6. Linear programming and surface design is secondary to holistic perception

7. The “end” discovery always opens up new questions and countless possibilities

8. We are always moving, even though we are repeating

9. Everything is the same, which looks different

10. Our minds are infinite although we act as if we are finite

I could go on…

Some of the things that we learn with my (equally enthusiastic) students are:

· How to observe our linear mind, completely detached 

· How to make peace with our contradicting thoughts and emotions

· How to cultivate and use our right brain/minds

· How to permanently free all labeled right/brain people (dyslexics, ADHD’s, Autistic etc.) from misunderstanding, by seeing the same characteristics in us and using them to our benefit

· How we “penetrate” more of our infinite mind

· How we can perceive the world differently, without holding on to limiting beliefs and narrow viewpoints

· How we can live in seeming chaos, knowing the underlying order and trusting the process

· How to see through matrices, while remaining totally awake/conscious and without the use of any techniques, psychedelics or drugs

· How we can observe the connections in everything: from our relationships, to worldwide events

And much more…

Our personal experiences and apocalypses take on new meaning, as we share them from a totally different perspective. It is observation and conscious living (regardless of the choices that we make) that change and truly unite us.

Xristiana Sophia


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