July 20, 2014

Innocence replaces blame

But oh, how we love fairy tales! We think/wish that we can automatically change anything by turning our focus on that which we want/wish for.

Believing the New Age mentality we are led to assume that “all we have to do” is focus on what we want, who we want to be and automatically, everything will change, our perspective will have shifted and we will be “born anew”.

If you followed these sentimental, advertising testimonials through time, you would discover to your (negative) amazement, that 9/10 they are not true; just stand-up expressions of wishful thinking and temporary excitement. Life doesn’t work that way! But we continue to hope and believe that it does. Hope and belief has us "running after rainbows" that would magically change our reality in an instant, when in reality, we fear of realizing our hidden truth.

“Innocence replaces blame”, that’s true! The lie is that it can be automated or achieved without personal work; disciplined, devoted, conscious involvement. The lie is that focusing on the “light”, you don't have to see the dark that caused the blame in the first place.

The truth is that replacing blame with innocence is a full-time job of a lifetime, 24/7. One minute you have it, the other minute you lose it. And it’s ok! But you need to be conscious enough to notice and realize the need that continues to exist within you, and to want to return to innocence… because blame is a lie.

Our surface, limited mind is judgmental, precisely because it is limited and not because “someone did something to our DNA" or because there was a "fall of Man" sometime in the past! Religion, culture, ethics, alien theories, hypotheses of a “fallen species”, are all stories that the mind tells itself and it willingly believes. Accusing someone or something else is the equivalent and opposite polarity of accusing oneself. It doesn’t cause us to return to innocence. It doesn’t free us of guilt, punishment, anger, loneliness, depression etc., all the things that we inflict on ourselves.

Returning to innocence is not such an easy ride. It IS a venture that the ego will fight against, with everything it has! The whole attempt endangers its ability to “protect” us, thinking that we cannot exist in life without its discrimination, separation and continuous guard.

Before you begin returning to innocence, when embarking on this journey of self-discovery, you start to realize that all these words and meanings have been unconsciously programmed in your mind, without your conscious approval but with your unconscious consent. What you think they mean and what they can mean are often two totally different things, as you reveal your inner “dictionary” to yourself; one that you need to re-evaluate and rewrite, for the most part of it.

Forgiveness doesn't replace accusation. It continues the play of belief that the ego has been believing, regaining its power over you.

Blame takes you back to the past, through a known perception that fears evaporation.

All tactics of the programmed ego keep us tied to limited perceptions, which manifest in some or all of the areas of our life.

Polarity is the distorted perception of the ego, which will interpret life and keep us searching for what it cannot see. It can become a tool or remain our prison.

Innocence replaces blame. But it’s a journey into “hell” to realize and achieve this.

Why do I say this?

Going within, you start seeing things about yourself that you don’t like, that you are unwilling to admit, that you never imaged were there. Of course, you see the enlarged images in others, which only affirms your inability to actually see yourself through the ego's programming.

But that’s a stage. A necessary one to start observing objectively (yourself as well as others) but you haven’t yet dived deep enough. It is necessary also for the reason of mastering the tool of observation verses judgment.

Deeper than that, is a stage where you begin to discover that everything is "good" and everything about you had/has its purpose; in your life as well as the grand picture of creation.

Yet you need to see it for yourself. It’s no good anyone else telling you how “you are” or how life is! All the stages need to be traveled by you! The “most” that someone else can do for you is to guide you through the stages, show you the curves, point out the pitfalls, share his/her experience, which helps understanding and guide you through workable personalized tools, steering you back “on track” when you lose your way in the labyrinth of your mind/soul.

Nevertheless, your OWN SIGHT and experience of it, cannot be substituted by another. Not now, not ever. Not here, nor elsewhere, on any other plane or level of existence.

As I have written many times before, none of these tools can be transformed into information that can be given collectively; in articles, books, seminars, group gatherings. It is a personal journey that each of us has to decide and make for ourselves. Our inner dictionaries, hypotheses, conclusions, outlooks on life, assumptions are very unique and personal. We need to discover and journey into our own SELF.

Xristiana Sophia

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