March 26, 2013

Fear or Phobia?

Fear and phobia are two very different things, which I think we have totally confused in our minds. The biggest “spiritual” programming going around these days is that fear is opposite to love and that fear limits us.
Fear is an emotion, whereas phobia is a state of being. Like all emotions, fear shows you what you need to look at. It might be the basic emotion of all “negative” emotions (all the categorizations are of the left-brain’s programming), but it also takes you to the core of your being, if you are willing to go there. 

Fear is based not only on your body’s survival instincts which are registered in your cells’ memory but also on your soul’s memory throughout your existence. It connects you to your all-time experiences, in ways that the rational, linear mind cannot understand, nor does it accept.

Phobia on the other hand is a state of being, filled with emotions of fear turned to panic or rage, guilt and bitterness, which turn into limiting and unconscious reactions. Psychology has named many phobias, generally scratching the surface of what phobia really is at a subconscious level. Phobias are programs, based on social views, religion, customs etc, which, when connected with experience, are inserted into the mind as realities - truths. These programs form other programs, weaving a web of self-deception and self-limitation. When phobic, you are lost, in inner turmoil, uncertain of yourself and doubting your actions.

Phobia is the Separator. It is a false program, made to keep the mind and the heart apart and as opposites. It is based on ignorance and the intention of self-extinction. They are obsessions, posing as truths. The person is convinced he/she is looking at reality. Deep-rooted, unrecognized guilt can turn a mind phobic and drive it crazy with virtual realities. Phobias can be visible (like schizophrenic or bipolar states, for example) or they can be hidden way beneath the surface personality, while the person appears very convincingly, “in control”. These people are always plotting in secrecy, designing strategies, closing themselves in “safe”, invisible bars, within their phobias. Usually they are unreachable and/or do not dare the exposure of themselves, except where they feel they can have the upper hand.

When fear is not considered a natural emotion and is ignored, or hidden due to shame or image-threat, it most likely will become a phobic state of being. Actually, we ALL have some phobias, based on “past” programming and related experiences. Phobias begin when the fear is not recognized, addressed and therefore, the perception of the experience is not changed.It seems that self-accusation and guilt are at the root of every phobia, something which the programmed ego – identity will deny.

An experience turns into a trauma when the emotions are not recognized or faced. The trauma then traps the mind in a “world” of its own, while the conscious self has no knowledge of the “take-over”, thus assuming that “all is well, as long as I can avoid the emotions and the experiences that will remind and threaten me”.

How do you know you have a phobia or phobias? There are some signs.
Your life is not turning out the way you want it to and you feel a deep sense of emptiness, loss or meaningless.
You feel stuck or circling similar experiences, which leave you in pain, defeated and you are opposing reality.
You are convincingly supporting one certain perspective (a teaching, a cult, a movement etc.), unwilling to explore or see any other.
You cannot hold on to a deep sense of inner peace or silence the surface mind, unless you engage in some form of technique or practice in order to achieve it.
Your relationships are not fulfilling and you realize that there are many secrets inside you that you do not want exposed.
You either doubt your path, choose to deny your purpose or you serve it through self-sacrifice.

Phobias reveal the personal and collective (or group) realities/dream-states that we have chosen to experience. By remaining in them, we remain limited, ignorant and devolving instead of evolving. Living in harmony with life is to release phobias, which are based on self-blame and ignorance, thus freeing the mind to expand and explore.

Where does addiction fit into all this? Addiction is a survival mechanism, an attempt to avoid facing the phobia, the terror and the pain linked with it. It is an escape route, which in the end ties you to the actual addiction and the phobia even more. But fighting the addiction is like focusing all your attention on the symptom, ignoring the reason that caused it. Every addiction has its source in a belief or beliefs, which have their source in a phobia or phobias, again based on core beliefs. On a surface level, you want to avoid facing those core beliefs and liberate yourself because they threaten your very identity, which you believe IS you, and therefore feel threatened with extinction.

Beliefs thrive on perceived needs, until they become obsessions and manage to immobilize the personality or drive it to psychosis. Then, the personality starts to imagine and exist in a non-existent, alien reality, which nevertheless is capable of seducing the mental and psychic energy of the person.

Fear is a helpful emotion, which speaks of the present or current inner state. Phobias are past perceived truths, which have nothing to do with the present moment but completely overtake it. The mind is living in unreal perception; its own (whether this is recognized or not), which turns into reality! 
Innocence and a child-like approach to life, through curiosity and awe are essential to live a life on purpose. Fear hails you to action. Phobia causes you to avoid it. Fear is a surface emotion, an indicator. Phobia strikes at the core of your being, often unnoticed, while the surface mind can appear calm.

Because phobias are obsessions, unconscious virtual realities that haunt the core of our existence, we get to manifest precisely that which we do not want. You do not manifest your “greatest fears” but your greatest phobias. The wording matters. We have been blaming fear, when it has been our ally.

Fear is an emotion. Phobia is not an emotion. Love is not an emotion. Phobia and love are states of being; opposite states of being! Phobia is exclusive, isolating, alienating, made up of imaginary, limiting realities, which play out very real in the person’s life. Love is inclusive, connecting, an expanded, freedom-based perception, which creates life-enhancing realities.

Love and phobia cannot meet. Love uplifts and expands the self whereas phobia extinguishes it, appearing as a protective or preserving mechanism on the surface. The false programming wants to protect the false ego and seems to love it to do so, but it is a ruthless mechanism that only wants to beat it every time, just for the sake of watching it fall harder and harder, till its “final” extinction.

Are we capable of such evil, such manipulation, so much distortion? Most of all, this lies hidden behind well-trained masks, which copy emotions; they are not heart-felt but mind-triggered.

We are not supposed to “silence the mind”. We are meant to still our heart by accepting all emotions, allow peace and tranquility to reign there, while we steer the mind’s attention willfully. The mind is a tool; it is meant to be used not shut down. It is meant to be controlled and in service to the Self (as the heart should be). The mind has been accused even by spiritual circles therefore cannot serve its rightful purpose. All these opinions, beliefs and mind techniques actually slow down our growth and do not cultivate it. That is how we cannot think for ourselves, we cannot depend on our mind to help our path and allow it to produce the answers (from its highest perspective) as well as the knowledge that It has. That is how we remain in captivity and in service of others instead of our own Self and Existence.

Observe how we usually ask, “What are you afraid of” but we do not ask, “What do you love?” We consider love natural and fear unnatural. But love is used in ignorance; it usually means need and ego-satisfaction, which hides phobias. Obviously, a huge misunderstanding of concepts!

Love should not be included in the list or scale of emotions, which by the way should not be categorized or scaled in the first place. There is no “higher” or “lower” emotion. There are EMOTIONS; the indicators of our human experience!

It takes courage to face our fears and phobias by observing ourself to understand real and unreal situations, limited perception from expanded perception, choice verses being victimized. We should not be afraid of fear or our negative thoughts. Thoughts cannot harm us. Emotions don't harm us, only limiting perceptions and imagined realities can...

Xristiana Sophia

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