April 15, 2013

Guided from within!

Take time to go over each aphorism, thinking about your own life, observing your actions, thoughts and emotions each time.

The phrases that most resonate with you are the ones you need to concentrate on now in your life. You can always come back later and read it again… other phrases will pop out and “speak” to you.

These are not all of course, just a head start, to form your own list of inner guidance.

Consciously decide to do things differently. Be sure to change at least something each day, no matter how small.

Take notice of the details; your own and others’ too.

Stop wasting time on unimportant things. Remember, all you have is time; use it wisely.

Study people and attitudes you admire, but most of all, study yourself. Become your greatest admirer, like you admire a new-born child.

Stretch the limits of your dreams. There are no limits to what you can dream about and envision.

Move out of your thought habits’ comfort zone. Observe those repetitive thoughts, the mind’s clich├ęs.

Accept challenges. You never have only one, two or no choice at all, as your mind persuades you.

Acquire an attitude of gratitude; for everything, especially all that you usually take for granted.

Write down good ideas as soon as they come. Trust your right mind!

Make sure you give to yourself first; in abundance, we can give to others.

Risk is the way of the Universe. Manage risk by confronting your fears.

Self-reflection is a sign of wisdom and self-reliance.

Charge what you’re truly worth – don’t under-estimate or over-estimate your offering. Don’t measure yourself only through money. Offerings often don’t have currencies.

Stop being arrogant. There’s always more to learn and more ways to improve your doing. What you know today, will be history tomorrow.

Follow your passion concentrating on quality.

Be persistent. Rejection is not an indication of your self-worth. Learn from your actions, from others, from life and stay on track.

You gotta love the game. Expect to win, be prepared to lose and learn from both.

Become your own expert. Challenge your own beliefs and don’t allow anyone else to spell out reality for you.

Change the mind’s story; it becomes your reality. Don’t allow the mind to become lazy. That’s when you start to grow old.

Thinking is doing; observe the mind’s doing.

Life is your greatest teacher; learn to interpret life’s symbolism. Dream symbols and life’s symbols are the same.

Most people don’t want to learn. True learning takes energy; passion, which is love and persistence (often expressing as anger) and a burning desire to evolve.

When you are not directed by passion, you are directed by fear, which turns to phobia through your unattended imagination and unconscious emotions.

Most people have a price tag because they are motivated by fear and ignorance, which becomes greed (belief in lack).

Be truthful to yourself about your emotions and thoughts. Ignorance keeps you trapped and most people don’t even realize the trap they are in.

Use your emotions to think intelligently. Don’t think with your emotions.

Ignorance intensifies fear and greed sets in, once you stop learning.

Life is an illusion; a game you decide to play each moment. You free yourself when you realize the illusion.

Nothing matters but becoming a good (conscious) player.

Knowledge is hidden in the little things. People go for the “big stuff” first, and get knocked down every time.

It’s all in the “little things”; change them first and don’t allow them to linger on.

Your greatest asset is not your mind; it’s the way you use your mind. You train it to work for you, or it will work against you.

Pay attention; listen to yourself speak, watch your emotions as they arise, they reveal your thoughts, observe your actions, they show your habitual beliefs.

Keep a journal hand-written, not on the computer or a tape recorder. Write down everything, without judging or drawing conclusions.

Support yourself always. You are in the process of learning each step of the way, at every stage of your life.

Every moment is a challenge to shift your perception.

Xristiana Sophia 

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