July 3, 2012

Lucid Living

It is not enough to try to remind yourself every now and then that “you are in a dream” or to ask the other co-actors of the dream, “if this is a dream”. Both practices are equally popular and equally self-defeating.

Trying to convince yourself that “you are not in a dream”, by looking around you and thinking that reality is objective, is also a self-defeating, phobic approach, in the effort of controlling life. How can you convince yourself, in either way, that life as you know it is a dream, when you are totally submerged into acting out the dream, not realizing that you are creating it in your mind?

Things are moving swiftly nowadays and the holograms are getting more and more tempting and vivid. 

As the choice, “who am I/what is the purpose of life” is getting more obvious and a more difficult one to make, so it is getting more difficult to avoid. Nevertheless, are we… can we be responsible for everyone’s viewpoint? Are we responsible for just our own perception and reality? Where are the boundaries and how easy is it to choose opposing viewpoints without getting caught up in another matrix of illusion?

But the questioning goes beyond the initial, apparent dilemma. Am I seeing “everyone’s perception” or my own perception through everyone that I see? I see through MY eyes and MY mind that which I call “reality” and “everyone else”. So who am I fighting and who am I opposing? What is beyond my perception that I can so easily discard as “others” or “everyone beyond me”? Tough one…

Consequently, as long as I am in this dream (or “reality” if you choose), there will always be “someone” or “everyone” opposing my desired viewpoint, so that I may broaden my horizon, learn, expand, through what I have conveniently left out or I am opposing. There are no “safe” places to run to anymore, because all those places are perceptions of my mind.

When something dramatic happens that shakes our comfort zone, we tend to turn outward for answers, culprits, a logical reason to deny taking responsibility of our own perception, our own creations, our very own contribution to our reality. But the truthful answers always lie beneath the surface of the egoic mind. What are my beliefs, where is my attention focused, what am I suppressing and so on, are the questions that we should start asking ourselves. Do I believe that abundance comes from outside sources beyond my own Spiritual Self and Source? Do I believe that another can provide the love, acceptance, respect that I do not have for my self? Do I believe that there is only one way and one right that the world should follow; my own? Do I have a personal agenda that tries to control life because I have not mastered the art of flowing with change?

There are multitude of beliefs and levels of beliefs (programming) hiding beneath the surface of our minds. Reality is not the appearance of what seems to be but it is hidden under our own mind’s coding that remains unrealized in the subconscious mind. As long as we desire to cling to our limiting perception, defined by our own programming, the world cannot change for it is an extension of our own doing.

We have been taught (programmed) to rationalize emotions, to assume they are caused by outside sources and to play victims and abusers in the game of life. A fierce battle with no winners, plenty of pain and lack and a threatening isolation called loneliness.

Where do we begin?

First we need to learn (or remember) how to be observers instead of judges, which our egoic mind confuses totally. For nothing changes if it is not understood, nothing is understood if it is not recognized and accepted as true, nothing is recognized if we still want to play hide and seek with our Self.

When this is accomplished, we take a “step back” and OBSERVE our self being caught up in this specific holographic incident or drama that we are experiencing, apparently involuntarily. Sympathize with our (the ego experiencing) fears, insecurities and drama that the mind makes up and wants to absorb us in. We realize that we have been in many such dramas in the past and have survived to tell the story!


Return to the safe place in the now, where we are! Allow, as we shift in and out, in and out of the dream, attaching to the role, detaching and observing. It takes practice and trust to master. We get caught up in the emotions and the scenarios of the mind and then we manage to detach and observe our self from a distance, from a wider, higher perspective.

Then, from the place of the observer, we can begin questioning the dream and intent to learn from the answers already before us.

What is the lesson? Which are the beliefs that I should re-examine and re-evaluate? How have I limited myself? Why have I believed that I am a victim? What do I get out of this role (which I don’t like)? Am I afraid of change? Have I not expressed myself, my talents, who I really want to be? Do I think that ALL THERE IS is that which my senses perceive? The questions vary. The process is more effective if we remain focused and specific, not generalize and hypothesize “general truths” of our belief structures.

But each questioning needs time and evidence, through our own experience, which will change the emotions and insert new images. It is WORK; it is not an automatic switch that you can “turn on” logically or with positive affirmations, as many people think and get caught up in. Don’t feel threatened by the negativity and the fear, wanting to flee or change that which you think threatens you. Only what's hidden threatens ys and keeps us in darkness; all that we keep secret and want to abolish, not willing to see.

Then, begin to insert new data, through your current, conscious self and knowing. If you have not alternative data to insert, search, ask, learn… it is only when we think we know that we are not given. Remember that it is not wrong to ask, nor does it make you less if you do not know. When we stop being students of life, stagnation and deterioration begins. Every single moment of our lives is a learning and a discovery process. You will never know it all, you will never be all that you can be, while you are on this plane of existence, no matter who you are.

The greatest insights are the ones you receive when you are willing to go deep within your own being. Remember, for example, how you have felt unsafe and abandoned in the past and remind yourself that those were the times that the grandest miracles happened in your life… after you surrendered to the experience. That is what you need right now: surrender, trust, patience, instead of panic, knowing that your Higher Self is “working overtime” for you!

With your “eyes wide open”, collecting data, while revealing the misinterpretations you are carrying from your past, you completely surrender, knowing that each turning has much to give you and is taking you – without your current knowing – to new horizons, new possibilities. Your job is to do the best you can with whatever you have in front of you right now, in a state of peaceful alertness and surrender to your Higher purpose.

You need to allow the process to unfold and make the transition real to yourself. It takes time and commitment. It is a process of healing, purification, enlightenment, liberation, expansion. None of this can be accomplished outside or beyond our own Self. Real action is the one we commit to within. The expression without, is only a projection of that which we have accomplished within.

Remember too, YOU have chosen the dream, the experience and the perception, to learn, grow, offer, heal, create and expand. You have not been placed there by any outside force. The details change constantly so that you may remember that this is a virtual reality, a temporary place of existence, and not get comfortable and absorbed by the experiencing. The changes are to your benefit, not against you. And that is why we all have so many changes much more often now…

It’s time to awaken while in the dream and realize that it is a choice, that we can edit it, that we can insert new data to it, that must contribute to it. There will be no “comfort zone” anymore, for anyone, for everyone is part of this same dream and part of our own perception of it; OUR virtual reality. Everyone you encounter, is an aspect of you. The minute you exclude someone or think that “you are not responsible for their perception”, you are buying into the dream as an objective reality, becoming a victim instead of the co-creator that you are.

That is a whole lot of responsibility! And a liberating situation though… perhaps the highest form of freedom.

This takes work! This is the action needed and not the in-panic defense mechanisms that learned phobia commands of us!

Can we choose to “step out of” or change the dream? Not until we learn to create with responsibility, on Purpose! But there are MANY indicators in the dream to show us and prove to us that we are in a dream state.

Time works and is relevant to our capacity to create intentionally, consciously. The more absorbed in the dream that we are, the slower time becomes, the denser the energy within and around us. It is actually to our benefit because we CANNOT destroy ourselves or be destroyed as our beliefs convince us.

Remind yourself at random moments throughout the day: “What am I doing/feeling/thinking now? Am I dreaming?” Then tell yourself that, “you are the observer and the player of your dream. All players chosen in the dream are your co-creations. You have chosen to dream (experience) this dream. You can edit it as long as you remain conscious of this fact. Everything that you assume you cannot alter is your learning ground; what you can learn from, about your Self”.

Xristiana Sophia

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